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Real/full name:
Snorre Westvold Ruch
51 (born Jan 21st, 1972)
Place of birth:
Norway (Trondheim, Trøndelag)


In 1994, Snorre was sentenced to 8 years in prison for "being an accomplice" in the murder of Euronymous of Mayhem.

According to Fenriz of Darkthrone, Snorre, along with Euronymous, pioneered the original tremolo-picking Norwegian black metal riffing style.


Snorre W. Ruch, Jon T. Wesseltoft, and Finn Olav Holthe from The Third and the Mortal have an ambient project closely related to Thorns called Thorns Ltd. and make music for art galleries and other art events.

Snorre Ruch

As Snorre Ruch:


Guitars, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals (1990-1992, 1992-present)

1991 Grymyrk (Demo) Guitars (as "Snorre W. Ruch")
1992 Trøndertun (Demo) Guitars, Vocals
1992 The Thule Tape (Demo) Guitars
1999 Thorns vs. Emperor (Split) Guitars, Keyboards, Programming (as "S.W. Krupp")
2001 Thorns Lyrics (tracks 1, 4, 7, 8), Songwriting, Keyboards, Guitars (lead), Vocals (track 8), Programming, Bass
2002 Embrace / Fragment (EP) Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
2002 Fragment / Be My Love (Split) Keyboards, Programming (as "Snorre W. Ruch")
2007 Stigma Diabolicum (Compilation) Guitars, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals

Thorns Ltd.

Unknown (2003-present)

Mann skutt med øks



Guitars (1992-1993)

Stigma Diabolicum

As Pedophagia:
Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano (1989-1990)

1989 Luna de nocturnus (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Piano
1990 Lacus de luna - Rehearsal 1990 (Demo) Guitars
1990 Live in Stjørdal (Demo) Guitars


1999 Rebel Extravaganza Effects, Guitars (tracks 2, 8, 10) (as "S.W. Krupp")
2008 My Skin Is Cold (EP) Guitars (additional) (track 1) (as "Snorre Ruch")
2008 The Age of Nero Guitars (additional) (as "Snorre Ruch")

The Third and the Mortal

As Snorre Ruch:

2002 Memoirs Keyboards


1991 My Angel (Single) Artwork


2001 Plaguewielder Cover art, Design (as "Fernander F. Flux")


2003 Disiplin Artwork (as "Fernander F. Flux")


1994 De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Photography, Lyrics (editing), Songwriting
2008 Life Eternal (EP) Lyrics (editing)
2020 De Mysteriis Dom. Sathanas Photography (as "Snorre Ruch")


1999 Intermezzo II (EP) Recording (track 4) (as "S.W. Krupp")
1999 Rebel Extravaganza Songwriting (riff contribution) (track 4) (as "S.W. Krupp")
2002 Volcano Cover photography (as "Fernander F. Flux")
2006 Now, Diabolical Songwriting (track 9)
2006 K.I.N.G. (Single) Songwriting (track 2)
2006 Now, Diabolical Pre-production (as "Snorre Ruch")
2006 Now, Diabolical Songwriting (track 9)
2008 The Age of Nero Songwriting (thematic contributions, co-arrangements) (as "Snorre Ruch")


2009 Von Rov Shelter Engineering, Mastering
2017 Thill Smitts Terror Unknown

Stigma Diabolicum

1989 Luna de nocturnus (Demo) Cover art, Logo (as "Snorre")

The Deathtrip

2014 Deep Drone Master Mixing (as "Snorre Ruch")


1999 Thorns vs. Emperor (Split) Producer, Engineering (as "S.W. Krupp")
2001 Thorns Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2007 Stigma Diabolicum (Compilation) Artwork
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