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BlackGoat Gravedesecrator

BlackGoat Gravedesecrator

Real/full name:
Jaakko Lähde
Place of origin:

Bare Feet Beggar


Dreadful Relic

As Gravedesecrator:
Drums (2016-present)

2017 Combat Alchemist (Single) Drums
2018 Hyborian Sorcery Drums


Everything (2002-present)

2002 Demo 3 (Demo) Everything
2002 Demo 2 (Demo) Everything
2002 Demo 1 (Demo) Everything
2003 Demo CD-R 1 (Demo) Everything
2003 Demo CD-R 2 (Demo) Everything
2003 Demo 4 (Demo) Everything
2003 Demo 5 (Demo) Everything
2003 Demo 6 (Demo) Everything
2004 Death Before Dishonour All instruments, Lyrics, Songwriting
2007 Finnish Steel Storm Vocals, Guitars (lead), Keyboards, Lyrics, Songwriting
2008 In the Spirit of Ultimate Sacrifice (Split) Vocals
2009 Goatmoon (EP) Everything
2010 Goatmoon / Xenophobic Ejaculation (Split) Everything
2010 Winterforest (Split) Everything
2011 Azazel / Goatmoon (Split) Guitars, Vocals
2011 Varjot Vocals, Guitars (lead, acoustic)
2012 Goatmoon / Bizarre Uproar (Split) Everything
2012 Son of the Northwind (Single) Vocals (as "Blackgoat")
2013 Tahdon riemuvoitto (EP) Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Guitars (acoustic) (as "BlackGoat")
2013 Godless North / Goatmoon (Split) Vocals
2013 Tahdon riemuvoitto (EP) Vocals, Guitars (Electric and Acoustic), Drums (as "BlackGoat")
2013 Appetite for Holocaust (Split) Everything
2014 Live at Manalan Yö III (Live album) Drums, Vocals (as "Black Goat")
2014 Voitto tai Valhalla Vocals, Songwriting, Guitars (acoustic) (as "BlackGoat")
2016 Kansojen hävittäjä / Crushing the Maccabees (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2017 Stella Polaris Vocals
2017 Goatmoon / Dark Fury (Split) Songwriting, Vocals
2019 Vaskivittu (Split) Everything
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Advocatus Diaboli

As Jaakko Lähde:


As Jake "The Goat" Spring:

2007 Sonichouse Tape (EP) Drums (as "Jake Spring")
2007 Creation of the Possessed / Highway Survivor (Split) Drums (as "Jake Spring")
2008 孤独のウォリアー (Kodoku no Warrior) (EP) Drums, Percussion (as "Jake Spring")
2008 Sonichouse Tape (Chinese Invasion) (EP) Drums (as "Jake Spring")
2008 The Sonichouse Tapes (Compilation) Drums
2009 The Sonichouse Tapes (American Invasion) (EP) Drums (as "Jake Spring")
2009 Live Crime (EP) Drums (as "Jake Spring")
2010 Sonichouse Tape Bolivian Invasion (EP) Drums (as "Jake Spring")
2010 The Sonichouse Tapes (American Invasion) (EP) Drums (as "Jake Spring")
2011 Sonichouse Tape Siamese Invasion (EP) Drums (as "Jake Spring")


As Jaakko Lähde:


As BlackGoat:
Drums (2014-2016)

2015 Tympeyden ylistys Drums


As BlackGoat:
Bass, Vocals

2010 Re-Desecrating the South Carelian Graves (Split) Bass (tracks 1-3), Guitars (tracks 4-7), Vocals


Drums (2016-present)

Ride for Revenge

Vocals (2008-2011)

Ride for Revenge

2019 Nightmare Disturbances (Compilation) Vocals


2009 Goatmoon (EP) Recording (as "Blackgoat")
2013 Tahdon riemuvoitto (EP) Producer (as "BlackGoat")
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