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Big Boss

Big Boss

Real/full name:
Jiří Valter
72 (born Feb 6th, 1952)
Place of birth:
Czechia (Brno, South Moravian Region)


Big Boss founded the Czech branch of the Church of Satan.

Big Boss

Vocals (1994-present)

1994 Q7 All instruments, Vocals (as "Jiří Big Boss Valter")
1998 Belial's Wind Vocals, Keyboards, Nontraditional instruments (as "Jiří "Big Boss" Valter")
2008 Doomy Ballads Vocals
2017 Sbírka černých růží / Collection of Black Roses Vocals


Drums (1988-1989), Vocals (1989-2022)

1988 Reap of Hell (Demo) Drums
1988 War of Rats (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1988 Death Metal Session II. (Split video) Drums
1989 Messengers from Darkness (Demo) Drums
1989 The Trial (Demo) Vocals, Samples
1990 7 černých jezdců / 666 (Single) Vocals
1990 Zjevení Vocals, Lyrics (as "Jiří Valter "Big Boss"")
1991 Hell Symphony Vocals, Keyboards, Effects
1992 The Temple in the Underworld Lyrics (tracks 3, 4, 7-9, 11, 12), Keyboards, Songwriting (tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9), Effects, Vocals (as "Jiří BIG BOSS Valter")
1996 Kärgeräs Vocals, Bass flute, Effects (as "Jirí Big Boss Valter")
1999 The Book Vocals, Ocarina, Lyrics
2000 The Revelation Vocals, Lyrics (as "Jiří Valter "Big Boss"")
2001 Kärgeräs & Hell Symphony (Compilation) Bass Flute, Vocals
2001 Black Seal Vocals, Lyrics
2003 Madness of the Graves Vocals, Percussion (additional) (track 9), Keyboards (additional) (track 9), Ocarine (track 10)
2006 Casilda (EP) Vocals (choirs), Vocals (as "Jiří "Big Boss" Valter")
2007 Daemon Viam Invenient Vocals
2008 Capturing Sweden - Live in Falkenberg (Live album) Vocals
2011 Heritage of Satan Vocals, Drums (track 2)
2013 Viginti Quinque Annis in Scaena (Live album) Vocals
2016 Kärgeräs - Return from Oblivion Vocals
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2003 Equirhodont Grandiose Magus Lyrics, Vocals (as "Jíří BigBoss Valter")
2004 Black Crystal Lyrics, Vocals (as "Jirí BigBoss Valter")


As Dratva:
Drums (1987-1988)


1992 Call the Master! (Demo) Vocals (additional), Bells
2002 Zrození smrti (Compilation) Vocals (additional), bells (tracks 8-10, 13-18)

Amon Goeth

1996 Call the Master Vocals (backing) (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5), Bells (track 5)


2003 Kletba krále Stacha Vocals (track 5)
2013 Eleonora: Odhalení jinotaje Vocals (as "Jiří "Big Boss" Valter")
2017 Una maquina infernale Vocals (tracks 3, 5)


As Jiří "Big Boss" Valter:

2008 Země vlků Vocals


2008 Ezkaton (EP) Vocals (track 3)


1997 Bonds of Togetherness Vocals (track 2)
2022 Chants of Steel Vocals


As Jiri Big Boss Valter:

2006 The Journeys and the Experiences of Death Vocals (additional) (tracks 7, 9)


2004 Jedenáct hodin do útoku Vocals (choirs)


As Jiří "Big Boss" Valer:

2021 Demonizer / Mortal Memories II (Compilation) Spoken word (disc 1, track 14)

Lucid Dreaming

2017 The Chronicles Pt. II Vocals (as "Jiri BigBoss Valter")
2020 The Chronicles Pt. III Vocals


2006 Memorial Vocals (track 7)


2009 Feet of Anger Vocals (track 12)


As Jiri BigBoss Valter:

2021 The Darkest Flame of Eternal Blasphemy Narration (tracks 1, 7)

Revenge Division

As Jiří „Big Boss“ Valter:

2014 The New Generation Vocals (track 11)


2005 Hysteria in Coma Vocals (track 9)
2017 Neoantichrist Vocals (track 4)


2010 Deus Ex Machina (EP) Unknown


2003 Made in Hell Vocals (track 12)


As Jiri Valter:

2016 Maestro Narration (tracks 1, 3, 11)


2003 Kletba krále Stacha Cover art, Design
2010 Zlověstné časy Lyrics
2013 Eleonora: Odhalení jinotaje Lyrics (track 8)

Big Boss

1994 Q7 Recording
1998 Belial's Wind Design (booklet)
2008 Doomy Ballads Mixing, Mastering, Producer


2003 Equirhodont Grandiose Magus Design, Graphics (as "BigBoss")
2004 Black Crystal Design, Graphics (as "Jirí BigBoss Valter")


2021 The Darkest Flame of Eternal Blasphemy Lyrics (tracks: 1, 7) (as "Jiri BigBoss Valter")


1989 The Trial (Demo) Mixing
1991 Hell Symphony Mixing, Producer (as "J. Valter")
1992 The Temple in the Underworld Producer, Mixing
2003 Madness of the Graves Producer
2006 Casilda (EP) Producer
2007 Daemon Viam Invenient Producer
2011 Heritage of Satan Producer
2016 Kärgeräs - Return from Oblivion Production


1992 Chrám v podsvětí (Demo) Lyrics (track 12)
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