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Berthus Westerhuys

Berthus Westerhuys

Real/full name:
Berthus Westerhuys
Place of birth:


Founder of Franky's Recording Kitchen Studio and owner of Cold Blood Industries.

Jurassic Park

Guitars (2011-present)


As Berthus Westerhuis:
Guitars (1972-1987)

1982 Metal Clogs (Split) Guitars
1984 Back from the Grave Tour 84! (Single) Guitars
2008 Front of House Cassette Tapes 80-84: Live Bootleg (Live album) Guitars


As Bertus:

1998 Incomplete Guitars (lead)


2012 The End of Law (EP) Guitars (solo on B2)


1991 Out of the System (Demo) Mixing, Engineering


1992 And God Created Satan to Blame for His Mistakes (Demo) Producer
1994 Youth Against Christ Producer, Mixing
1996 Ego Art Producer, Artwork
1999 In the Name of the Father Producer
2000 Until Heaven Forbids (Compilation) Producer
2001 Red Harvest Producer


2017 Heer Recording (drums)

As It Burns

2007 Global Ruin Producer

Beyond Belief

1992 Stranded (Demo) Recording, Mixing
1995 Rave the Abyss Producer, Mixing (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
2016 Towards the Diabolical Experiment Remastering
2016 Rave the Abyss Remastering
2022 Oblivion and Decay (Compilation) Mastering

Brain Implosion

1988 Liquidation (Demo) Producer, Engineering
1990 Sandgrains (EP) Engineering

Callenish Circle

1999 Graceful... yet Forbidding Mixing, Producer, Mastering, Engineering
2001 Graceful... yet Forbidding Remastering ("Escape" EP) (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
2004 Forbidden Empathy (Compilation) Mastering (as "Berthus Westerhuis")


1998 Fields of Everlasting Serenity (EP) Mastering
2006 A Moment to Reconsider Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producer


2001 Liber ZarZax Engineering, Mixing, Mastering


1995 Brave Melvin from the Southern Point Producer, Engineering
1998 Stahlplaat Engineering, Producer (as "Berthus")

Dead Head

1990 The Festering (Demo) Mixing, Producer, Recording (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
1990 Where Is Your God Now...? (Split) Mixing (tracks B3-B4), Producer (tracks B3-B4), Recording (tracks B3-B4)
1991 The Feast Begins at Dawn Mixing, Recording
1993 Dream Deceiver Engineering
1999 Kill Division Producer (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
2000 Come to Salem (Compilation) Editing, Remastering (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
2019 The Shark Tapes (EP) Recording, Mixing
2019 Dream Deceiver Remastering (as "Bert Westerhuis")

Demon Lodge

2021 Flaming Gates (Single) Mastering
2021 From the Outskirts of Hell (EP) Mastering


1989 Arise (Demo) Recording, Mixing (as "Bertus")


1992 Triangle of the Lost Producer (Tracks 1-5)

Down till Dawn

2004 Down Till Dawn (Demo) Producer


1988 Elise (Demo) Mixing (as "Bats (Westerhuys)")
1990 No Time for Masquerade Engineering (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
2014 No Time for Masquerade Producer (DVD) (as "Berthus Westerhuis")

Eternal Conspiracy

1999 Dark Perversities at Funeral Grounds Mastering (as "Berthus Westerhuis")


1991 Demo (Demo) Engineering, Mixing

God Dethroned

1991 Christ Hunt (Demo) Mixing, Producer, Engineering
1992 The Christhunt Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
1997 The Grand Grimoire Engineering, Mixing, Producer
1999 Bloody Blasphemy Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2000 The Ancient Ones (Compilation) Executive producer (as "The Satanic Twins")
2001 Ravenous Engineering, Mixing
2004 The Lair of the White Worm Mastering
2020 Illuminati Mixing (as "Berthus Westerhuis")

Goddess of Desire

1998 Symbol of Triumph Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
2002 Conquerors Divine Producer (as "Berthus Westerhuis")


2002 Hyper Bastard Breed Engineering


2003 In for the Kill Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Inner Fear

1998 Promo 1998 (Demo) Mixing, Recording


2017 Past Perfect Tense (Compilation) Mixing


1992 Prolong the Agony (Demo) Engineering, Mixing, Recording

Let's Stampede

1994 Yours Truly (Demo) Producer (as "Berthus Westerhuis")

Lords of the Stone

1992 The Rhymes of Bitterness (Demo) Producer (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
1994 Diamond in the Dust (Demo) Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1997 Nightflowers Engineering

Ministry of Terror

1994 Ministry of Terror (Demo) Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
1995 Fall of Life Engineering, Mixing, Producer


2002 Soul Insanity (EP) Producer
2006 Fragility of the Future (EP) Mixing, Mastering

My Own Mess

2006 Away from the Light... (EP) Mixing, Producer, Engineering


1990 The Indictment Engineering


1995 Psycho One Hundred Producer, Mixing
1998 Incomplete Producer (as "Berthus "Duhboeizdakaerl" Westerhuis")


2004 Mana Recording


1991 Futurity and Human Depressions Engineering, Mixing


1993 Ritual Killings (Demo) Producer (as "Berthus")


1997 Dominion (Demo) Mixing

Phantom Druid

2021 The Downward Slope (EP) Mastering

Salacious Gods

1999 Askengris Mastering, Engineering, Executive producer
2002 Sunnevot Executive producer, Engineering, Mastering


1990 No Way Out (Demo) Recording


2012 The End of Law (EP) Recording, mixing

Severe Torture

2000 Lambs of a God (Single) Recording, Mixing (as "B. Westerhuys")
2000 Feasting on Blood Recording, Mixing
2002 Misanthropic Carnage Recording, Mixing


2001 Timeless Departure Mastering

Steel Against Steel

1990 From Factory to History (EP) Engineering (as "Bertus "No Problem" Westerhuis")

Stone in Egypt

2000 Stone in Egypt Executive producer, Recording
2005 Swinging Dead in Summerwind Recording
2007 The Dying Free (EP) Recording
2016 Feed the Void (EP) Recording, Mixing
2019 Tectonic Electric Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Berthus Westerhuis")


1988 Hot Enough 4 U? (Demo) Recording, Engineering (as "Bats Westerhuus")
1991 She Won't Let Me Down (Demo) Engineering
2017 Stranger (Compilation) Recording, Engineering


1991 Promo '91 (Demo) Engineering
1992 Demo 1992 (Demo) Engineering
2013 Anthems of Apostasy (Compilation) Mastering

Symphony of Destruction

2008 The Roads to Despair (EP) Recording (as "Berthus Westerhuis")


1994 Rational Control (Demo) Mixing, Recording

The Monolith Deathcult

2008 III - Trivmvirate Recording (drums)
2013 Tetragrammaton Recording

The Wounded

2000 The Art of Grief Executive producer (as "Berthus Westerhuys / The Satanic Twins")
2002 Monument Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2004 Atlantic Recording, Mixing, Mastering


2015 The Full Moon Sessions (Compilation) Remastering

To Elysium

2002 Dearest Vile Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Executive producer
2004 Nightmare's Nest Producer

Under Siege

1993 Gloating (Demo) Producer (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
2019 The Anthology 1988-1993 (Compilation) Recording, Mixing, Producer


2002 Lord of Beneath Producer (as "Berthus")


1999 The Final War (EP) Mixing
2007 The Final War / Plagueridden (Split) Mixing (as "Berthus Westerhuis")

Winter of Sin

2006 Woest Producer, Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Berthus Westerhuis")

Witchcult 71

2018 Blessings in Black (EP) Recording
2018 Blessings in Black (EP) Recording


1996 Godforsaken (Demo) Mixing


2001 Incarnation of Evil (EP) Engineering, Mixing (as "Berthus Westerhuis")
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