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Real/full name:
24 (born Mar 30th, 2000)
Place of birth:
France (Saint-Nazaire, Pays de la Loire)


Contact: [email protected]


Berith is also making logos under the name "Funeral Tower Arts".

Berith is a rap/black metal project.


Vocals (2019-present)

Cosmiic Abbheëratiïon

Everything (2022-present)

2022 Sërpent Cëlesthe (Demo) Everything
2022 Bläkkspaäce (Demo) Everything
2022 Lunäar Cästle (Compilation) Everything


As Ëffroi:
Everything (2023-present)

2023 Froid (Demo) Everything
2023 Premiers vents & dernière chute (Split) All instruments, vocals
2024 Froid / Nosferatus Act I (Split) Everything

Apparition Fantomatique

Everything (2018-2021)

2018 Promo 2018 (Demo) Everything
2019 Génétiquement maudit (Demo) Everything
2019 Folie (Demo) Everything
2019 Pluie, brouillard et angoisse (Demo) Everything
2020 Apparition Fantomatique (Compilation) Everything
2021 Le sifflement du trépas (EP) All instruments, Vocals


Everything (2016, 2020-?)

2020 La résurrection du fléau (EP) Everything


Everything (2017-2023)

2017 Furfur (Demo) Everything
2017 Ronove (Demo) Everything
2017 Your God Is an Alcoholic (Single) Everything
2017 Thamuz Everything
2017 Abyss (Demo) Everything
2017 Sortilège (Single) Everything
2018 I Am the Fog (EP) Everything
2018 Ce foutu corbeau (Demo) Everything
2018 Ruine (Compilation) Everything
2018 Le silence après la mort Everything
2018 Ultra Violence (Single) Everything
2019 Réflexion funèbre (Demo) Everything
2019 Chapitres de la mélancolie (Demo) Everything
2019 Toujours plus bas (Demo) Everything
2019 L'éclat du passé (EP) Everything
2019 Noyé dans les ténèbres Everything
2019 Noyé dans les ténèbres Everything
2020 Fournaise (Demo) Everything
(show all)


Everything (2022-?)

2022 Körbaäkkh (Demo) Everything
2022 Gräahll (EP) Everything

Morbid Winter

Vocals (2016), Everything (2017-?)

2016 Sykelig vinter (Demo) Vocals
2019 Endless Wandering (EP) Everything
2022 Cold Catacombs (EP) Everything, Logo


Everything (2017-2020)

2017 1943 (EP) Everything

Unseen Abyss

2018 Blackbird (EP) Guitars (acoustic, track 1)


2020 La Fin... (Demo) Vocals (track 3)
2020 Best Of (Compilation) Vocals & Lyrics (track 7)

Acrid Tomb

2022 Acrid Tomb (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2018 The Dark Ages (Demo) Logo
2018 Forest (Demo) Logo
2018 The Lords of Corruption (Split) Logo
2018 Grim (Demo) Logo
2019 Grim (Compilation) Logo
2019 Negativity (Demo) Logo
2019 Amdusias (Compilation) Logo
2019 Nocturnal Isolation (Demo) Logo
2019 Away...from Them Logo
2019 The Dark Lord Logo

Apparition Fantomatique

2018 Promo 2018 (Demo) Logo
2019 Génétiquement maudit (Demo) Logo, Layout
2019 Folie (Demo) Logo, Layout
2020 Apparition Fantomatique (Compilation) Logo, Cover art
2021 Le sifflement du trépas (EP) Artwork, Lyrics

Astral Sword

2023 Astralregen (EP) Logo, Photography, Layout (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 Black​-​III​-​NOISE Logo
2021 AmbIValenz (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Bloodbells Chime

2021 Forlorn Seas (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Broyeur d'Enfance

2021 Suicide sentimental Logo, Artwork, Booklet illustrations (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Suicide social Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Brute Wolf

2023 Tangled within Chains of Malice (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Nourish the Roots and Bleed For Old (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Charlatan's Ruins

2021 Where Dimensions Bled Over Logo
2021 Through Cyclic Eras of Termitic Collapse (EP) Logo
2021 A Damning Elude to the Furnace Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 From Midday of a Final All Seers Eve Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2024 Wonderer's Way (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Cosmiic Abbheëratiïon

2022 Sërpent Cëlesthe (Demo) Logo, artwork, layout


2022 Permanent Crisis (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2022 Demo 01 (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Diabolical Attack Koala

2023 There is no peace, only pain (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2023 L'envolée (Compilation) Layout, Title (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Énorme Merdier

2023 Garbage King (Demo) Logo, Artwork, Layout (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2019 Demo 1 (Demo) Logo
2019 Transcendental Cycle Logo
2022 Apocalypse Logo, Layout, Font (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 Violence Is the Natural Law Logo
2022 Subservient to the Cosmic Will Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Final Maze

2023 The First Floor Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2024 Shadow Blood (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2024 Posledniy Labirint (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Foraoisí gan Iniúchadh

2021 End of the World (As We Know It) (EP) Logo
2021 Volume I (Split) Logo
2021 The Silent Moon at Dawn Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 Guide to Self​-​Destruction Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Beneath the Spectral Spears (Split) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 The Kingdom Will Die (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 The Abyss (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Isolation Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2022 Enleve moi comme jadis (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Martyres (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Frozen Fortress

2020 Primitive Black Metal (Demo) Logo
2020 Frozen Fortress (EP) Logo
2020 Where Fog Occupies the Paths of Life (EP) Logo
2021 The Castle of Eternal Darkness Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Pure Destruction (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2017 Furfur (Demo) Logo
2017 Ronove (Demo) Logo
2017 Your God Is an Alcoholic (Single) Logo
2017 Thamuz Logo
2017 Sortilège (Single) Logo, Photography
2018 I Am the Fog (EP) Logo, Cover art
2018 Ce foutu corbeau (Demo) Logo, layout
2018 Le silence après la mort Cover art
2019 Réflexion funèbre (Demo) Logo
2019 Chapitres de la mélancolie (Demo) Logo
2019 Toujours plus bas (Demo) Logo, Artwork
2019 L'éclat du passé (EP) Logo, Layout
2021 L'éclat du passé (EP) Artwork (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
(show all)


2021 Фрустрация (Demo) Logo
2022 Forgotten Sword / Gerhung (Split) Logo (Gerhung)
2022 You Won't Forget (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Ж​и​з​н​ь п​р​е​к​р​а​с​н​а и у​д​и​в​и​т​е​л​ь​н​а... (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Miserable Monotony (Another Miserable Demo) (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Unwillingness (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2023 Circumambulations (Split) Logo (Girsu) (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Gladius Dei

2021 Long Gone Ghosts (Demo) Logo
2021 The King Is Dead (EP) Logo

God Cries

2021 Plague of Nations (Demo) Logo
2021 God Cries / Starless Night (Split) Logo

Guardian Angel

2023 My Final Words (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2024 Noirceur mystique d'autrefois Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2023 Froid (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Premiers vents & dernière chute (Split) layout (as "Ëffroi")

Inverted Tomb

2021 Storming Across the Sky Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Jambon Pourri

2023 Jambon Pourri (Demo) Logo, Arwtork, Layout (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Witch of the Crypt (EP) Logo, Artwork, Layout (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 Temple of Sorrow (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 None Above Death Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Hunters​.​.​. (EP) Logo


2020 Catabolism (EP) Logo
2021 The Powers That Be/Dark Eyes (Single) Logo
2021 Foghorns and Thunder Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 Micropsia/Macropsia (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Master Burial

2021 Gallows ov Interstice (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 The Black Phoenix Will Rise from Their Ashes Pt. 3 (Demo) Logo, Title (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 The Black Phoenix Will Rise from Their Ashes Pt. 2 (Demo) Logo, title (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 The Black Phoenix Will Rise from Their Ashes Pt. 4 (Demo) Logo, title (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Plagued by Fear (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Morbid Winter

2016 Sykelig vinter (Demo) Logo, Cover Art
2019 Endless Wandering (EP) Logo, Layout


2020 Mortuaire (Demo) Logo


2024 Mrt​á​s II (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Napalm Crucifixion

2021 Dead Human Parasite (Demo) Logo, Artwork (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2022 Nebelheim Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 II Artwork, Layout


2021 Woodland Fury - Demo 2021 (Demo) Logo
2021 The Most Solemn Spring (EP) Logo
2021 The Mossy Chapel (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 Winter 2021 (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Dark Spires on the Nightside Horizon EP (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Flesh Enchantment by the Light of the Moon (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 Echoes of Light Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 The Outsider Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2017 1943 (EP) Logo
2018 1943 (EP) Logo


2020 Modus operandi (EP) Logo
2021 Raze Their Places of Worship (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2024 The Voice of the Sun Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Possession Cult

2021 Τα αληθινά μυστήρια Τόμος 1 : Trance of Dionysus (Single) Logo
2021 A Spirit Lurks (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 Winter Lantern / Possession Cult (Split) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Robes of Snow

2020 Robes of Snow / DLEIFDEM (Split) Logo (Robes of Snow)
2021 A Tale of Lost Seasons Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 The Clouds Lower Their Arms Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Fall's Resplendence Logo


2023 Our Time Is Here (EP) Layout (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Sanctified Ethos

2021 The True Art of Isolation (Demo) Logo, Artwork, Layout (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 Sorrow for Those Who Burn (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 The True Art of Isolation + Sorrow for Those Who Burn (Compilation) Logo, Cover art (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 To Deny This False Word (Demo) Logo, Artwork, Layout (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Psalm 50 (Single) Logo, Artwork (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Skinless Bride

2021 Defiled and Abused (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Rotting Carcass (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Sombres Souvenirs

2022 Atychiphobie (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Dernier rayon de lumi​è​re (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Souvenirs d'un spectre Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2024 Sombre Chemin (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2024 SC Demo 2 (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 Strixskog Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 Land of Cursed Spells (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Dark Age Funeral Dreams (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

The Dead Cold

2021 B​-​Sides & Rarities (Compilation) Logo
2021 Polar Vortex (EP) Artwork
2021 Demo 2009 (Demo) Logo

Traumatized Diversity

2021 Daughters of Satan (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 Nuit d'hiver (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Vertige Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Unseen Abyss

2018 Hooligan Black Metal (Single) Logo
2019 Zombie Queen (Single) Logo

Vampiric Tyranny

2021 Ere the Lunar Light Diminishes... (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")

Veine Morte

2020 Melancolic Hate of the Black Winter (Demo) Logo
2020 Coma (EP) Logo
2021 Asile, psychose et déchéance névrotique (Demo) Logo
2022 Apocalyptik (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2024 La mort comme liberté Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 Vér Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Heed My Call (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Struggle in the Abyss (Single) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Giants of Mirk Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Insanity (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2023 Apparitions of the Past Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2024 Reductio ad Absurdum Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2024 Avarice (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2020 La Fin... (Demo) Lyrics (track 3)

Winter Lantern

2020 Torturous Howls Beneath Blood Banners (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower")
2021 A Pale and Haunting Moon (Demo) Logo
2021 Festering Vampirism (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 Winter Lantern / Possession Cult (Split) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Umbrae Obscurae a Luna Allatae (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2022 Hexen Lied (Compilation) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 Fragments (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 Grief (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
2021 Nach dem Tod (EP) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")


2021 Zinzulation (Demo) Logo (as "Funeral Tower Arts")
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