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Börje Forsberg

Börje Forsberg

Real/full name:
Stig Börje Forsberg
73 (born Jun 22nd, 1944)
Sep 14th, 2017
Place of birth:


Was the owner of Black Mark Production and father of Quorthon.

Mike Doughan and the Ghost Riders





1990 Neverending Destiny Producer (as "Boss")
1992 Towards Beyond Producer (as "Boss")
1994 Symposium of Rebirth Producer


1984 Scandinavian Metal Attack (Split) Producer (as "Börje "The Boss" Forsberg")
1984 Bathory Engineering, Producer (as "The Boss")
1985 Scandinavian Metal Attack II (Split) Producer, Engineering (tracks A3, A6 & B3-B4) (as "The Boss")
1985 The Return...... Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Boss")
1987 Under the Sign of the Black Mark Producer, Engineering, Mixing (as "Boss")
1988 Blood Fire Death Producer, Executive producer (as "Boss")
1990 Hammerheart Producer, Executive producer
1991 Twilight of the Gods Producer
1992 Jubileum - Volume I (Compilation) Producer (as "Boss")
1993 Jubileum - Volume II (Compilation) Producer (as "Boss")
1996 Scandinavian Metal Attack II (Split) Remastering (as "The Boss")
1996 Blood on Ice Producer, Engineering (as "Boss")
1998 Jubileum - Volume III (Compilation) Producer
2001 Destroyer of Worlds Producer
2002 Katalog (Compilation) Producer
2002 Nordland I Producer (as "Boss")
2003 Nordland II Producer (as "Boss")
2006 In Memory of Quorthon Volume I (Split) Producer (as "Boss")
2006 In Memory of Quorthon Volume III (Split) Producer (as "Boss")
2006 In Memory of Quorthon Volume II (Compilation) Producer (as "Boss")
2006 In Memory of Quorthon (Boxed set) Producer (as "Boss")
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1992 An Evil Shade of Grey Executive producer (as "Boss")
1994 Black Vanity Executive producer
1995 Godless Beauty / An Evil Shade of Grey (Compilation) Executive producer (Side B)
1996 Sundown Executive producer

Edge of Sanity

1991 Nothing but Death Remains Mixing, Producer (as "Boss")
1992 Unorthodox Executive producer (as "Boss")
1993 The Spectral Sorrows Executive producer
1994 Purgatory Afterglow Executive producer
1996 Crimson Executive producer
1997 Infernal Executive producer
2003 Crimson II Executive producer
2003 Crimson I & II (Compilation) Executive Producer (I & II)
2006 When All Is Said: The Best of Edge of Sanity (Compilation) Executive producer


1992 Descend into the Absurd Producer (as "Boss")


1994 The Autumn Years Executive producer


1995 Frozen in Fire Executive producer

Heads or Tales

1995 Eternity Becomes a Lie Executive producer


1991 Excursion Demise Producer (as "Boss")

Jennie Tebler

2005 Silverwing / Song to Hall Up High (Single) Producer, Mixing, Layout (as "Boss")

Keen Hue

1993 Juicy Fruit Lucy Executive producer

Lake of Tears

1994 Greater Art Executive producer (as "B. Forsberg")
1995 Headstones Executive producer
1997 A Crimson Cosmos Executive producer
1999 Forever Autumn Executive producer
2002 Sorcerers / Nathalie and the Fireflies (Single) Producer
2002 The Neonai Executive producer
2004 Greatest Tears Vol. II (Compilation) Executive producer
2004 Greatest Tears Vol. I (Compilation) Executive producer

Morgana Lefay

1993 The Secret Doctrine Executive producer
1995 Sanctified Executive producer


1992 Incarnate Producer (as "Boss")


1995 The Breathing Shadow Executive producer (as "Borje Forsberg")
1996 The Closing Chronicles Executive producer
2000 I Executive producer
2004 Invisible Executive producer

Norden Light

1987 Shadows from the Wilderness Producer (as "Boss")


1982 The Oz Producer, Design
1982 Second-Hand Lady / Rather Knight (Single) Producer
1983 Fire in the Brain Producer, Layout, Mastering (as "The Boss")
1984 III Warning Producer
1984 Turn the Cross Upside Down (EP) Producer (as "The Boss")
1987 III Warning / Decibel Storm (Compilation) Producer (as "The Boss")
1991 Roll the Dice Producer (as "Boss")
2020 III Warning Producer (as "The Boss")


1994 Album Producer


1995 Purple Dreams & Magic Poems Executive producer


1992 Fornever Laid to Rest Executive producer (as "Boss")
1993 Saltrubbed Eyes Executive producer

Tad Morose

1993 Leaving the Past Behind Executive producer
1995 Sender of Thoughts (Single) Executive producer
2000 Reflections (Compilation) Executive producer


1994 Thundersteel Executive producer


1991 Clown of Thorns Producer (as "Boss")

Zero Nine

1984 Headline Producer (as "The Boss")
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