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Austin Lunn

Austin Lunn

Real/full name:
Austin L. Lunn
38 (born 1983)
Place of origin:
United States (Memphis, Tennessee)


Commonly confused with the other Austin Lunn who also plays with Agnosis. The two artists created aliases for themselves while performing in the band to avoid confusion.


Co-founder and head brewer of HammerHeart Brewing Company.


As A. Lundr:

2011 A Painful Pattern (EP) Drums


Drums (2015-present)

2020 Des Herbstes Trauerhymnen MMXX Drums


As A. Lunn:
Guitars, Drums, Vocals (clean)

2012 Demo (Demo) Guitars, Drums, Vocals


As A. Lunn:
Everything (2007-present)

2008 Panopticon Everything (as "A. Lundr")
2008 La passione de Sacco & Vanzetti (Single) Everything
2009 Panopticon / Lake of Blood (Split) Everything (as "A. Lundr")
2009 It's Later than You Think (Split) Everything (as "A. Lundr")
2009 Collapse Everything (as "A. Lundr")
2010 ...on the Subject of Mortality Everything
2010 Panopticon / When Bitter Spring Sleeps (Split) Everything
2010 Skagos / Panopticon (Split) Everything (as "A. Lundr")
2011 Wheels Within Wheels / Panopticon II (Split) Everything (as "A. Lundr")
2011 Social Disservices Mandolin, Drums, Vocals, Lyrics, Gourd flute, Bass, Samples, Percussion, Guitars, Songwriting (as "A. Lundr")
2012 Kentucky Tin whistle, Guitars (electric, acoustic, resonator), Lyrics (tracks A2, B2, C2), Drums, Arrangements (tracks B1, C1), Vocals, Banjo, Bass (electric, acoustic), Songwriting (tracks A2, B2, C2)
2013 Vestiges / Panopticon (Split) Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Bass
2014 Brotherhood (Split) Everything
2014 ...on the Subject of Mortality Everything
2014 Roads to the North Lyrics, Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Flute, Banjo, Mandolin, Resonator guitar, Dobro, Keyboards, Samples
2015 Autumn Eternal Everything
2016 Panopticon / Waldgeflüster (Split) Everything
2016 Revisions of the Past (Compilation) Everything
2017 Sheep in Wolves Clothing (Single) Everything
2018 The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness I and II Vocals, All instruments, Lyrics, Songwriting
2019 The Crescendo of Dusk (EP) Everything
2019 .​.​.​Scars II (The Basics) Everything
2020 Nechochwen / Panopticon (Split) Everything
2020 Panopticon / Aerial Ruin (Split) Vocals, Guitars
2020 Beast Rider (EP) Everything
2020 Live Migration (Live album) Guitars, Vocals
2021 .​.​.​and Again into the Light Vocals, Banjo, Bass, Songwriting, Keyboards, Guitars (electric, lap steel, pedal steel, square neck resonator), Mandolin, Drums
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As A. Lunn:
Vocals, Guitars, Cello, Piano, Drums (Studio)

2011 For Winter Fire Guitars, Drums, Vocals, Mandolin, Pipa, Cello, Piano (as "A.L. Lunn")
2013 Ginnungagap Drums, Vocals, Guitars


As A.:
Drums (2011-present)


Guitars, Vocals (2003-2008)

2007 Overton Trees Guitars, Vocals


As A. Lunn:

2021 Frozen Bloom Guitars, Vocals (choirs)


2017 Markerna bortom Vocals (additional)


2014 Aura Drums, Bodhrán


2013 The Dry Season (EP) Resonator, Banjo


2014 Meine Fesseln Guitars (lead), Mandolin
2016 Ruinen Finnish drums


2009 Alpha and Omega (EP) Original Logo

Lake of Blood

2011 As Time and Tide Erodes Stone Layout, Artwork (as "Austin Lundr")


2011 Cavern of the Skeletal Spirits (Demo) Recording (as "A. Lundr")


2015 Mannaz (EP) Recording (drums)


2011 Social Disservices Recording, Mixing (as "A. Lunn")
2012 Kentucky Recording (as "A. Lunn")
2013 Vestiges / Panopticon (Split) Recording (as "A. Lunn")
2014 Roads to the North Recording, Artwork (as "A. Lunn")
2015 Autumn Eternal Recording, Lyrics, Art direction, Songwriting, Cover art, Layout
2018 The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness I and II Recording (as "A. Lunn")
2019 The Crescendo of Dusk (EP) Cover art (as "A. Lunn")
2020 Panopticon / Aerial Ruin (Split) Cover art (as "A. Lunn")
2020 Nechochwen / Panopticon (Split) Drawings (as "A. Lunn")
2020 Beast Rider (EP) Cover art (as "A. Lunn")
2021 .​.​.​and Again into the Light Recording (as "A. Lunn")
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2011 For Winter Fire Photography, Design, Layout (as "A. Lunn")
2013 Ginnungagap Recording (as "A. Lunn")


2013 Anarchic Cover art
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