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Real/full name:
Michael Huhle
46 (born Sep 4th, 1974)
Place of origin:
Denmark (Ringe, Fyn)

Augu Sigyn

Guitars, Bass, Drums

2016 Hængninger af Guder + Demoer (EP) Guitars, Bass, Drums
2017 Hængninger af Guder (EP) Guitars, Bass, Drums
2018 Døden ved havet (Demo) Guitars, Bass, Drums
2018 Temple of Decadence (Split) Guitars, Bass, Drums
2019 Rejsen til England Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums


Vocals, Guitars (2001-present), Bass, Drums (2013-present)

2001 Satan (Demo) All instruments
2002 Troops of Death (Demo) All instruments, Vocals (as "K. Atziluth")
2002 Demonic Domain (Demo) All instruments
2003 Infernal Journey (Demo) All instruments
2003 United Forces of Evil (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2004 Arrival of the Firedemon All instruments, Vocals
2004 The Lost Tracks of Mysticism (Demo) Everything
2005 The Nighttime Graveyard (EP) All instruments
2007 Dawn of Doom Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass
2008 Lost in a Twilight World All instruments, Vocals
2010 A Night at the Graves (Compilation) All instruments, Vocals (tracks 1-5)
2010 Dark Season Vocals, Guitars
2011 In a Swarm of Flaming Shadows (EP) Vocals, Guitars
2012 Execrated (Split) Bass, Drums, Vocals, Guitars
2015 Lost Souls of Mental Famine Songwriting, Vocals, All instruments
2019 The Rise of Naamah Bass, Drums, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitars
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Djævles Skrig

Instruments, Vocals (2015-present)

2015 Sculptured Skulls (Demo) Instruments, Vocals, Lyrics
2016 Wears Her Flesh Instruments, Vocals
2018 Live Recordings of Demonic Possessions (Demo) Instruments, Vocals


As Hrimnír:

2001 Grimnismál (Demo) Everything
2001 Asablót - The Pagan Survival (Demo) Everything
2002 De urgamle stier Everything
2003 Vintervarsel Everything
2005 Grimnismál / Asablót - The Pagan Survival (Compilation) Vocals, All instruments
2008 Ancient Icon (EP) Everything
2014 Nattens magter (EP) Everything

Morbid Grave


2021 Pandemic Mutations Everything (as "Michael Huhle")


As Michael Huhle:
Drums (2000-?), Guitars, Vocals (2011-present)

2001 Bride in Shrouds (Demo) Drums
2002 Gravewhisper (Demo) Drums
2011 Return of the Hissing Voices... (Demo) Guitars, Drums, Vocals
2013 Monument of Obscurity (Demo) Guitars, Drums, Vocals (tracks 2-5)
2019 Live from the Swamps (Live album) Drums (2000-?), Guitars, Vocals



2017 Unholy Spanking (EP) Music
2018 Unholy Spanking (Demo) Music

Darling Elanor


Deadly Sins

As Michael Huhle:

1996 Rehearsal 1996 (Demo) Drums
1997 A.M.O.K. III - Live '97 (Demo) Drums
1999 Among Confused (Demo) Drums

Demon Realm

Drums (Session)


Drums (2010-2011)

2009 Three Nights in the Sewers of Sodom (Demo) Drums


As Michael Huhle:


As Michael Huhle:

2003 Fake Divine (Demo) Drums
2004 Rehearsal Shit (Demo) Drums


Guitars (2010)

Denial of God

Drums (2004-2005)


As Michael Huhle:

2011 Third Act in the Theatre of Madness Drums (track 10)


As Michael Huhle:

2001 Lost the Track of Time (Demo) Drums


2009 Born in a Beaker (Demo) Mixing, Mastering (as "Michael Huhle")
2011 Nuke (Demo) Mixing, Mastering (as "Michael Huhle")


2002 Troops of Death (Demo) Cover art, Layout, Producer (as "K. Atziluth")
2003 Infernal Journey (Demo) Producer, Logo, Layout
2004 Arrival of the Firedemon Layout, Artwork
2004 Arrival of the Firedemon Producer
2004 The Lost Tracks of Mysticism (Demo) Producer, Mixing
2005 The Nighttime Graveyard (EP) Songwriting, Producer, Recording
2007 Dawn of Doom Layout, Mastering
2008 Lost in a Twilight World Recording, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2010 A Night at the Graves (Compilation) Songwriting, Recording
2010 Dark Season Recording, Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2012 Execrated (Split) Mastering
2015 Lost Souls of Mental Famine Producer
2019 The Rise of Naamah Producer, Mixing, Mastering
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2001 Grimnismál (Demo) Producer (as "Hrimnír")
2001 Asablót - The Pagan Survival (Demo) Producer (as "Hrimnír")
2005 Grimnismál / Asablót - The Pagan Survival (Compilation) Producer (as "Hrimnír")
2020 Når vætterne atter samles (Compilation) Producer, Mastering, Mixing (as "Hrimnír")


2019 The Entity (Demo) Layout (as "Michael Huhle")
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