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Atsuo Mizuno

Atsuo Mizuno

Real/full name:
Atsuo Mizuno/水野敦夫
Place of origin:


Married to Wata


Vocals (1992-present), Drums (1996-present)

1993 Demo Vol. 1 (Demo) Vocals
1994 Demo Vol. 3 (Demo) Vocals
1996 Absolutego Drums, Vocals
1996 Boris / Barebones (Split) Drums, Vocals
1997 Boris / Tomsk-7 (Split) Vocals, Drums
1998 Keiji Haino with Boris - Black: Implication Flooding (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
1998 Amplifier Worship Drums, Vocals
1999 More Echoes, Touching Air Landscape (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Atsuo")
2000 Flood Drums, Vocals
2002 Heavy Rocks Vocals, Drums
2002 Megatone (Collaboration) Effects
2002 1970 / ワレルライド (EP) Drums, Vocals
2003 Boris / The Dudley Corporation (Split) Vocals, Drums
2003 あくまのうた Drums, Vocals
2003 Boris at Last - Feedbacker Drums, Vocals
2003 見殺し塔からずっと (Video) Drums, Vocals
2004 The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Drums, Vocals
2005 Bootleg -Feedbacker- (Video) Drums, Vocals
2005 04092001 (Collaboration) Drums, Percussion, Vocals
2005 Dronevil Drums, Vocals
2005 A Bao a Qu (Single) Drums
2005 Wizard's Convention (Split video) Drums, Vocals (as "Atsuo")
2005 Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura" Drums, Vocals
2005 Boris Live Volume I: Live 96-98 (Live album) Drums, Vocals
2005 Boris Live Volume III: Live 2001 Two Long Songs (Live album) Drums, Vocals
2005 Boris Live Volume II: Drumless Drone Power Ambient Disc (Live album) Wave Drum, Vocals
2005 Pink Drums, Vocals
2005 Heavy Metal Me (Video) Drums, Vocals
2005 Sun Baked Snow Cave (Collaboration) Laptop
2006 The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 3 Drums, Vocals
2006 The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 2 Drums, Vocals
2006 Dronevil -Final- Drums, Vocals
2006 Vein (Drone Version) Drums, Vocals
2006 Vein (Hardcore Version) Drums, Vocals
2006 Altar (Collaboration) Cymbal (bowed) (track 2), Drums (traps) (track 3, Drums (tracks 1, 4, Gong (track 2, 6)
2006 Boris with Michio Kurihara - Rainbow (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2007 Walrus & Groon (Collaboration) Drums
2007 Long Hair and Tights (Split) Drums, Vocals
2007 Damaged (Split) Drums, Vocals
2007 She's So Heavy (Split) Drums, Percussion
2007 Rock Dream (Collaboration) Drums, Percussion, Vocals
2008 Floor Shaker (Single) Drums, Vocals
2008 Smile Drums, Vocals
2008 Message~Floorshaker (EP) Drums, Vocals
2008 Statement (Single) Drums, Vocals
2008 Smile -Live at Wolf Creek- (Live album) Drums, Vocals
2008 Boris with Michio Kurihara - Cloud Chamber (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2009 Smile Live in Prague (Live album) Drums, Vocals
2009 Golden Dance Classics (Split) Drums, Vocals
2009 Chapter Ahead Being Fake (Split) Drums, Percussion
2009 Scion A/V Remix: Buzz-In (EP) Drums, Vocals
2009 Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 1 (Single) Drums, Percussion (as "Atsuo")
2009 Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 2 (Single) Drums, Percussion, Vocals (as "Atsuo")
2009 Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 4 (Single) Vocals, Drums
2009 Japanese Heavy Rock Hits Vol. 3 (Single) Drums, Vocals (as "Atsuo")
2010 Live in Japan (Video) Drums, Vocals
2010 Variations (Compilation) Vocals, Drums
2010 BXI (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2011 Boris / Saade (Split) Vocals, Drums
2011 Klatter (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2011 New Album Drums, Vocals
2011 Attention Please Drums, Vocals
2011 Heavy Rocks II Drums, Vocals
2011 Black Original Remix (EP) Drums, Vocals
2012 Looprider Remix (Single) Vocals, Drums
2012 Asobi Seksu x Boris (Split) Drums, Vocals
2012 Boris / Joe Volk (Split) Drums, Vocals
2013 Präparat Drums, Vocals
2013 Boris performing "flood" (Live album) Vocal, Drums & Echo (as "Atsuo")
2013 Vein (Compilation) Drums, Vocals
2014 The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Extra Drums, Vocals
2014 Archive II (Compilation) Drums, Vocals
2014 Boris / Heap (Split) Vocals, Drums, Percussion (as "Atsuo")
2014 Noise Drums, Vocals (as "Atsuo")
2015 Asia Drums, Electronics (as "Atsuo")
2015 Urban Dance Drums, Electronics (as "Atsuo")
2015 Warpath Electronics (as "Atsuo")
2015 Boris + Endon ‎– EROS (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals (as "Atsuo")
2015 2007.12.10, "Altar" Presentation with Boris, Kentish Town Forum, London, The United Kingdom (Collaboration) Drums
2015 Boris x GOTH-TRAD - Low End Meeting (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2016 Mr. Shortkill (EP) Vocals, Drums
2016 現象 Gensho (Collaboration) Vocals, Percussion, Electronics, Drums (Gensho at Fever 11272015)
2016 Crossing Waltz (Live album) Drums, Vocals (as "Atsuo")
2016 heavyblind (Single) H4n, Water
2017 Dear Drums, Vocals
2017 Live at Third Man Records (Live album) Drums, Vocals
2018 Eternity (Live album) Drums, Vocals
2018 Phenomenons Drive (EP) Drums, Vocals, Electronics (as "Atsuo")
2018 Secrets (Compilation) Vocals, Drums (as "Atsuo")
2018 -Unknown Flowers- (Split) Drums, Vocals
2018 不透明度 -You Laughed like a Water Mark- Live at Shelter 20070204 (Collaboration) Drums, Vocals
2019 Tears E.P. (EP) Drums, Vocals (as "Atsuo")
2019 LφVE Vocals, Drums
2019 EVΦL Vocals, Drums
2019 LφVE & EVφL (Compilation) Vocals, Drums
2019 LφVE & EVφL (Compilation) Drums, Vocals
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Ensemble Pearl




Tacos UK


Sunn O)))

Vocals, Percussion (2005-2006), Drums (2009)


2006 Altar (Collaboration) Performer (track 1 (disc 2))


As Atsuo:

1996 D.A.M.N. Vocals (track 3)

House of Low Culture

As Atsuo:

2011 Lou Lou... In Tokyo (Split) Percussion, Gong, Effects


1993 Demo Vol. 1 (Demo) Design (as "Fangs Anal Satan")
1994 Demo Vol. 3 (Demo) Design (as "Fangs Anal Satan")
1996 Absolutego Engineering (as "Fangs Anal Satan")
1998 Amplifier Worship Artwork (as "Fangs Anal Satan")
2003 あくまのうた Design (as "Fangs Anal Satan")
2013 目をそらした瞬間 -the thing which solomon overlooked- chronicle (Boxed set) Design (as "Fangsanalsatan")
2013 Boris performing "flood" (Live album) Design (as "Fangsanalsatan")
2014 The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Extra Recording, Artwork, Mixing (as "Fangsanalsatan")
2014 Archive II (Compilation) Mixing (as "Fangs Anal Satan")
2014 Boris / Heap (Split) Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Fangsanalsatan")
2015 Boris + Endon ‎– EROS (Collaboration) Recording, Design (as "fangsanalsatan")
2016 heavyblind (Single) Recording, Mixing, Design (as "fangsanalsatan")
2017 Dear Layout, Recording (as "Fangsanalsatan")
2018 Secrets (Compilation) Recording, Mixing, Artwork (as "fangsanalsatan")
2019 Tears E.P. (EP) Recording, Mixing (track 2) (as "Fangsanalsatan")
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Sex Virgin Killer

2013 Crimson Red ep ♀ (EP) Producer, Art direction, Design
2013 Crimson Red ep ♂ (EP) Producer, Art direction, Design (as "Atsuo")
2017 Vazinism Producer, Recording, Mixing

Sunn O))) / Boris

2006 Altar (Collaboration) Art direction, Artwork (as "Fangsanalsatan")
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