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Real/full name:
Tøth Jøzsef
36 (born Aug 6th, 1986)
Place of birth:
Hungary (Szekszárd)

Bipolar Disorder

As Tøth Jøzsef:
All instruments (2020-present)

2020 The First Step into the Unknown Light (EP) Instruments
2020 Agony of Melancholy Instruments
2020 Mysterious Pain Everything
2020 Dive into the Sea of Dying Everything
2021 Végtelen csend (EP) All instruments
2021 Lélek hamvak All instruments
2021 Világos időköz All instruments


As Tøth Jøzsef:
Everything (2016-2017), All instruments (2017-present)

2016 The Home of Worms (EP) Everything
2017 Human Decay (Single) Guitars, Bass, Programming (as "Jøzsef Tøth")
2017 Kissing - Pissing - Vomiting (EP) All instruments
2018 Newborn Sacrifice (Single) Guitars, Bass, Programming (as "Jøzsef Tøth")
2018 From Sin to Redemption All instruments (as "József Tóth")
2019 Cadaverous (Single) Guitars, Vocals, Programming (as "Jøzsef Tøth")
2019 Xenomorph Paroxysm Guitars, Bass
2020 Demonic Obsession Everything, All instruments
2020 Scorching Remorse (Single) Programming, Guitars, Bass (as "Jøzsef Tøth")
2020 Deathbringer (Single) Guitars
2020 Csak Erre Vártam (Single) Everything, All instruments
2021 Warped Pleasures (EP) Everything, All instruments
2021 Monsters and Madness Guitars
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Dipylidium Caninum

As TJ:
All instruments

2017 Dipylidium Caninum (EP) All instruments
2018 Mutant Insect Assfuck (EP) All instruments
2018 Mutant Insect Assfuck (EP) All instruments, Lyrics (as "Jozsef Toth")
2019 The Grotesque (EP) All instruments
2020 Ubi Vermis Tacet All instruments
2020 Vermiculi Qui Habitat in Nobis (EP) All instruments
2021 Devouringore / Dipylidium Caninum (Split) All instruments

Liquid Cemetery

As Tóth József:
All instruments, Lyrics

2015 Withdrawal Symptom in Agony All instruments, Lyrics
2015 The Consciousness Modification (EP) All instruments, Lyrics
2016 Alfa and Omega (EP) All instruments, Lyrics
2017 Demo Compilation (Compilation) All instruments, Lyrics
2017 Liquid Cemetery (EP) All instruments, Lyrics
2018 Immortalem Sacramentum (EP) All instruments, Lyrics
2018 Individual Death All instruments, Lyrics

Miserere Tenebris

All instruments (2021-present)



2010 Örvénylő vérzivatar / Bűnhődés (Demo) Guitars
2011 Necropedophilia (Demo) Guitars
2015 Infernal Decay Guitars
2015 Infernal Decay Guitars (as "Tóth József")
2021 Lángokban elveszejtve Guitars
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