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Real/full name:
小川貴博 (Ogawa Takahiro)
43 (born Aug 29th, 1974)
Place of origin:
Japan (Noshiro, Akita)


Vocals (2006-present)

2006 Corvinus (Single) Vocals
2016 Seventh Sense / 屍の王者 / アンプサイ (Single) Vocals


Vocals (lead) (2003-present)

2003 New Blood (EP) Programming, Vocals (lead)
2003 Alice (Single) Vocals (lead)
2004 Paradox (EP) Vocals (lead)
2004 夢なりし空中庭園 (Single) Vocals (lead)
2004 繭月の棺 (Single) Vocals (lead)
2004 New Blood ~Second Impact~ (EP) Vocals (lead)
2005 真昼の声 ~Synchronicity~ (Single) Vocals (lead)
2005 白い夜 (Single) Vocals (lead)
2005 闇より暗い慟哭のアカペラと薔薇より赤い情熱のアリア (Single) Vocals (lead)
2005 The Name of the Rose Vocals (lead)
2006 夢なりし空中庭園 (EP) Vocals (lead)
2006 Paradox (EP) Vocals (lead)
2006 太陽を葬る日 (Single) Vocals (lead)
2006 Tafel Anatomie Vocals (lead)
2007 Tafel Anatomie Tour 2006 ~12.06 Tour Final 渋谷公会堂~ (Video) Vocals (lead)
2007 Dearest You (Single) Vocals (lead)
2007 桜花咲きそめにけり (Single) Vocals (lead)
2007 Schwarzschild (Single) Vocals (lead)
2007 Neo Culture ~Beyond the World~ Vocals (lead)
2008 Birth (Single) Vocals (lead)
2008 Last Indies Tour 2008 Follow Me~05.05Final赤坂 Blitz~ (Video) Vocals (lead)
2008 闇の国のアリス / 波紋 (Single) Vocals (lead)
2009 Snow White (Single) Vocals (lead)
2009 Genetic World Vocals (lead)
2009 Live DVD「Alice in Dark edge Final(渋谷C.C Lemonホール公演)」 (Video) Vocals (lead)
2009 Tightrope (Single) Vocals (lead)
2009 Day by Day (Single) Vocals (lead)
2010 風がめくる頁 (Single) Vocals (lead)
2010 7th Rose Vocals (lead)
2010 D 1st Video Clips (Video) Vocals (lead)
2010 赤き羊による晩餐会 (Single) Vocals (lead)
2010 In the Name of Justice (Single) Vocals (lead)
2011 Vampire Saga Vocals (lead)
2011 Tour 2010 - In the Name of Justice (Video) Vocals (lead)
2011 鳥籠御殿 ~L'Oiseau bleu~ (Single) Vocals (lead)
2011 皇帝 ~闇に生まれた報い~ (EP) Vocals (lead)
2012 Nyanto-shippo "De"!? (Single) Vocals (lead)
2012 Ultimate Lover (Single) Vocals (lead)
2012 Dying Message (Single) Vocals (lead)
2012 断罪の銃士 (Single) Vocals (lead)
2012 名もなき森の夢語り (EP) Vocals (lead)
2013 Rosenstrauss (Single) Vocals (lead)
2013 D 10th Anniversary Special Premium Live 2013 "Bon Voyage!" ~at 渋谷公会堂~ (Video) Vocals (lead)
2015 D 47都道府県ツアー ファイナル at 舞浜アンフィシアター (Video) Vocals (lead)
2015 Happy Unbirthday (Single) Vocals (lead)
2016 2015.8.29 D 復活ワンマン Happy Unbirthday at 赤坂Blitz (Video) Vocals (lead)
2016 D Tour 2015 Master Key ツアードキュメント & 3 Songs Live (Video) Vocals (lead)
2016 Wonderland Savior Vocals (lead), Songwriting (tracks 2-4, 6, 8-13), Lyrics
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Vocals (1994-1997)


As 浅葱:
Vocals (1998-2001)


As 浅葱:
Vocals (2001-2002)


Vocals (2002)


2006 Corvinus (Single) Producer
2016 Seventh Sense / 屍の王者 / アンプサイ (Single) Lyrics, Producer
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