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Armand Anthony

Armand Anthony

Real/full name:
Armand John Anthony
Place of birth:
United States

Night Demon

As Armand John Anthony:

2017 Darkness Remains Guitars
2017 Black Widow (Single) Guitars
2018 Live Darkness (Live album) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2020 Empires Fall (Single) Guitars
2020 Kill the Pain (Single) Guitars
2020 Are You Out There (Single) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
2020 Vysteria (Single) Guitars
2020 In Trance (Single) Guitars
2022 The Sun Goes Down (Single) Guitars
2022 Year of the Demon (Compilation) Guitars
2022 The Last Day (Single) Guitars
2023 Outsider (Single) Guitars
2023 Outsider Keyboards, Vocals (backing), Guitars
2023 The Wrath (Edit) (Single) Guitars
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As Armand John Lizzy:
Guitars (2015-2016)

2016 Critical Hits Guitars

Cirith Ungol

Guitars (2018-?)


As Armand John Anthony:

2021 Cursed Be Thy Kingdom Keyboards, Percussion


As Armand:

2019 Downfall Vocals (choirs) (track 1)


2018 Ambition's Price Guitars (lead) (track 4)


As Armand:

2020 Welcome to the World (Single) Vocals (backing)


2019 Too Fast for the Flames (Single) Recording
2019 Under the Witching Cross Producer, Engineering (as "Armand John Anthony")
2021 Satanic Magick Attack (Single) Recording
2021 Mystifier (White Night City) (Single) Recording
2021 Valley of the Ravens (Single) Recording
2021 Cursed Be Thy Kingdom Engineering, Recording (as "Armand John Anthony")

Blind Oath

2022 The Flame (Single) Engineering, Mixing (as "Armand John Anthony")
2023 Blind Oath Engineering, Mixing (as "Armand John Anthony")

Blood Star

2020 The Fear (Single) Mixing, Mastering

Cirith Ungol

2018 Witch's Game (Single) Engineering, Mixing
2019 I'm Alive (Live album) Mixing (as "Armand John Anthony")
2020 Forever Black Engineering, Mixing, Producer (as "Armand John Anthony")
2020 Brutish Manchild (Single) Engineering
2021 Half Past Human (EP) Mastering, Engineering, Mixing, Producer (as "Armand John Anthony")
2023 Dark Parade Mastering, Engineering, Mixing, Producer (as "Armand John Anthony")

Dead Heat

2023 Endless Torment (EP) Recording


2018 Ambition's Price Mixing, Recording (rhythm guitar, bass, drums), Producer (as "Armand John Anthony")


2016 Critical Hits Engineering (as "Armand John Lizzy")
2019 High Fantasy Mixing, Mastering, Engineering, Producer (as "Armand John Anthony")
2019 High Fantasy Mixing, Mastering, Engineering (as "Armand John Anthony")
2020 Welcome to the World (Single) Engineering, Producer (as "Armand")

Morgue Supplier

2023 A Life Extinguished (Single) Recording (drums)

Night Demon

2012 Night Demon (EP) Engineering
2013 Night Demon (EP) Engineering
2015 Curse of the Damned Producer (as "Armand Tambouris")
2017 Darkness Remains Engineering (as "Armand John Anthony")
2020 Are You Out There (Single) Engineering (additional) (as "Armand John Anthony")
2022 The Last Day (Single) Engineering
2023 Outsider Engineering (as "Armand John Anthony")


2021 Jormungandr (EP) Producer, Recording, Mixing


2012 Sutratma Recording (drums) (as "Armand John Anthony")
2023 Realms of Eternal Immolation Recording (drums) (as "Armand John Anthony")
2023 Images Beyond the Self Recording (drums) (as "Armand John Anthony")

The Fucking Wrath

2011 Valley of the Serpent's Soul Recording, Producer
2012 Dopefight / The Fucking Wrath (Split) Mixing, Producer, Engineering


2020 Bleak Recording, Mixing, Mastering
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