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Antonio Pasquini

Antonio Pasquini

Real/full name:
Antonio Pasquini
38 (born Aug 23rd, 1981)
Jun 11th, 2020
Died of:
Place of birth:
Italy (Lanciano (Chieti), Abruzzo)


Also provided guest vocals on V.I.T.R.I.O.L.V.M. - Sophia Loirtiv 2013 (DEMO 05/2012) and on Gernot's 2014 single "La Mia Anima Brucia".

Anubi's Servants

As Antonio:
Vocals (2014)

Dementiarium Larvarum

As Dementiarium:
Unknown (2015-2020)

Dying Shadows


2006 Demo 2006 (Demo) Vocals, Lyrics


As Ant:
Bass, Guitars (2013-2020), Vocals (2015-2020)

2014 Demo (Demo) Bass, Guitars
2014 Dalle profondità (EP) Bass, Guitars
2015 Die When You Die "Figli di puttana Vers." (Single) Bass, Guitars
2015 Caput Mortuum (EP) Bass, Guitars
2015 Linee di vette (Split) Bass, Guitars
2015 Mistica del vuoto (Single) Bass, Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics
2022 Aprutium Bass, Guitars, Synthesizers, Lyrics


As Io/Notan:
Vocals (2008-2015)

2009 Promo 2009 (Demo) Vocals
2011 Vitrei presagi (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2011 Dall'Adriatico all'aldilà (EP) Vocals
2013 Nemo Propheta in Patria (Split) Vocals


As Ant:
Vocals (2015-2017)

2017 Iam Mors Regnat (Split) Vocals, Lyrics
2017 Semper ad Mortem Cogitantes Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboards, Effects, Songwriting
2017 In Tenebris Flamma Trinitas Vol. III (Split) Lyrics (track 1), Vocals
2021 A.M.E.N (Compilation) Vocals

Mysteria Inframundi

As Ant:
Vocals (2016-2020)


As Ant:
Vocals (2015-2017)

2016 Catacomb Vocals
2016 Catacomb (Single) Vocals
2016 Unlight (Single) Vocals
2017 The Return of Armageddon Vocals, Lyrics, Songwriting

The Drop of Water That Can Wear Through a Stone

As Io/Notan:
Vocals (2003-?)

XX Secolo

As XX:
Vocals (2016-2020)

2016 La battaglia del solstizio (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2016 Foedus Ferreum (Split) Vocals
2016 Vitam Pro Patria Exponimus (Single) Vocals, Lyrics


As Ant:

2017 Caesar [Roma Vol.I] Vocals (track 5)


As Ant:

2016 Fidem in Lucifer Vocals (track 9)


As Ant:

2015 Via Delicti (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2016 Nera trenodia (Single) Vocals, Lyrics
2016 Media Vita in Morte Sumus (Split) Vocals


2018 Pianura pagana Vocals (track 8)


2013 Lustful Skin (Single) Vocals (backing) (track 3)

Venereal Baptism

As Ant:

2017 Deviant Castigation Liturgy Vocals (track 2)

Via Dolorosa

2015 Runes of New Order / Reikon (Anima) (Split) Vocals (as "Longinus")
2016 A Perfect Vision of the End of the World (EP) Vocals (as "Longinus")
2016 Extreme Aggression (Split) Vocals (as "Longinus")
2018 Mahādeva - Complete Discography Volume 4 (Compilation) Vocals (track 19) (as "Ant")


2017 Destruction of Dresden Lyrics, Vocals, Songwriting (track 4) (as "Ant Longinus")
2018 Shoganai Vocals
2018 Trilogy of War (Compilation) Vocals (track 6 and track 13); lyrics track 13 (as "Ant")


2016 L'ardire degli avi (Single) Artwork (as "Ant")

Dying Shadows

2006 Demo 2006 (Demo) Artwork, Layout


2018 Un oscuro scrutare (EP) Artwork, Layout and Graphic (as "Ant")


2014 Demo (Demo) Songwriting, Lyrics, Artwork, Layout, Photography (as "Ant")
2014 Dalle profondità (EP) Artwork, Layout, Photography, Lyrics, Songwriting, Arrangements (as "Ant")
2015 Die When You Die "Figli di puttana Vers." (Single) Artwork, Layout, Photography, Songwriting, Lyrics, Arrangements (as "Ant")
2015 Caput Mortuum (EP) Arrangements, Layout, Photography (cover) (as "Ant")
2015 Linee di vette (Split) Artwork (additional) (as "Ant")
2015 Mistica del vuoto (Single) Artwork, Layout, Photography (as "Ant")
2016 Caput Mortuum MMXVI (EP) Lyrics, Arrangements, Layout, Photography (cover) (as "Ant") (as "Ant")


2019 Rehearsal MMXVIII (Demo) Photo editing, Layout, Artwork (as "Ant")


2016 Resurrection Artwork, Layout and Graphic Concept (as "Ant")
2017 I 9 volti del demonio Artwork, Layout and Graphic Concept (as "Ant")


2009 Promo 2009 (Demo) Artwork, Lyrics, Layout (as "Io/Notan")
2011 Vitrei presagi (Single) Mixing, Mastering, Artwork, Layout (as "Io/Notan")
2011 Dall'Adriatico all'aldilà (EP) Artwork, Lyrics, Layout, Photography (as "Io/Notan")
2013 Nemo Propheta in Patria (Split) Lyrics (as "Io/Notan")


2015 Via Delicti (Single) Artwork, Layout, Lyrics, Vocal arrangements, Mixing, Mastering, Graphics (as "Ant")
2016 Nera trenodia (Single) Artwork, Layout, Vocal arrangements, Mixing, Graphics (as "Ant")
2016 Media Vita in Morte Sumus (Split) Arrangements, Artwork, Art direction, Lyrics, Mastering (tracks 1-4), Mixing (as "Ant")
2017 Iam Mors Regnat (Split) Mixing, Mastering, Editing (as "Ant")
2017 Semper ad Mortem Cogitantes Mixing, Editing, Mastering (as "Ant")
2017 In Tenebris Flamma Trinitas Vol. III (Split) Producer, Lyrics (track 1) (as "Ant")
2021 A.M.E.N (Compilation) Mixing (as "Ant")


2016 From the Deepest Hate Artwork, Layout, Graphic concept (as "Ant")


2016 Catacomb Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork, Layout, Photography (back cover) (as "Ant")
2016 Catacomb (Single) Artwork, Mixing, Mastering (as "Ant")
2017 The Return of Armageddon Artwork concept, Layout, Photography (as "Ant")

Speculum Mortis

2016 L'Isonzo mormorava (Single) Artwork (as "Ant")

Throne of Ahaz

2017 Nifelheim Audio Editing, Mastering, Artwork, Layout (as "Ant")

Via Dolorosa

2016 Foedus Ferreum (Split) Mixing, Layout, Mastering, Artwork (as "XX")
2016 Via Dolorosa è vostra amica - Complete Discography Vol.1 (Compilation) Artwork, Concept, Layout (as "Ant")
2017 Via Dolorosa ha sempre ragione! Complete Discography Vol.2 (Compilation) Artwork, Concept, Layout (as "Ant")
2017 E' tempo delle decisoni irrevocabili ‎- Complete Discography Vol.3 (Compilation) Artwork, Layout (as "Ant")

Waffen SS

2018 The New Dawn of White Power Artwork, Layout

XX Secolo

2016 La battaglia del solstizio (Single) Mixing, Mastering, Artwork, Layout (as "XX")
2016 Vitam Pro Patria Exponimus (Single) Mixing, Mastering, Artwork, Layout (as "XX")
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