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Andrew Curtis-Brignell

Andrew Curtis-Brignell

Real/full name:
Andrew Curtis-Brignell
Place of origin:
United Kingdom (Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England)


Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums (2004-2016, 2018-present)

2005 When We Are Grown, We Will Be Strong (Demo) All instruments
2006 Age of Thorns (An Anti-Monotheistic Hate Monument) (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2006 The King Beneath (Demo) All instruments (as "A")
2006 The Cold Taste of Perdition (Demo) All instruments (as "A")
2006 Some People Fall Vocals, All instruments (as ".A.")
2007 I, Mountain (EP) All instruments
2007 Mourner Vocals, All instruments (as "A. Curtis-Brignell")
2007 The Heart of the Master (EP) All instruments
2008 Temporary Antennae All instruments
2009 Krieg / Caïna (Split) All instruments (as "A. Curtis-Brignell")
2009 Caïna / Process of Guilt (Split) All instruments
2009 Caïna (EP) All instruments, Vocals (as "Andy")
2011 Hands That Pluck All instruments
2011 White Medal / Caïna (Split) All instruments (as "A. Curtis-Brignell")
2013 Litanies of Abjection All instruments
2013 Emitter / Follower (Single) Guitars, Ebow
2013 Furl (Single) All instruments
2013 Live at Opium (Live album) All instruments
2013 Earth Inferno (EP) All instruments
2013 EVP (Single) All instruments
2014 MMIX (EP) All instruments, Vocals (as "Andy")
2014 Age of Thorns (2006) Redux (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2014 Esoteric Youth / Caïna (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2015 Setter of Unseen Snares All instruments
2016 Christ Clad in White Phosphorus Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
2017 Caïna / Cara Neir (Split) Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
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2016 II Guitars, Drums
2016 The Intoxicating Blood of Flowers Guitars (as "A.C.B.")


2006 Some People Fall Recording, Mixing (as ".A.")
2007 Mourner Producer, Recording, Engineering (as "A. Curtis-Brignell")
2008 Temporary Antennae Producer, Recording, Mixing
2009 Caïna / Process of Guilt (Split) Recording, Engineering, Mixing (as "A. Curtis-Brignell")
2009 Caïna (EP) Recording, Mixing (as "Andy")
2011 White Medal / Caïna (Split) Producer (as "A. Curtis-Brignell")
2014 MMIX (EP) Recording, Mixing (as "Andy")
2015 Setter of Unseen Snares Recording

Unholy Crucifix

2012 Black Mass Metal (EP) Mastering


2012 Permeating Death (EP) Mastering
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