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Andreas Marschall

Andreas Marschall

Real/full name:
Andreas Marschall
62 (born Jan 13th, 1961)
Place of birth:
Germany (Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg)


- German illustrator, comics artist, scriptwriter and film director.

- In the early '80s, he started a career in Berlin as a record cover artist for rock and metal bands like Kreator, King Diamond, Obituary, Blind Guardian and Sodom. In 1991, Marschall started directing and editing music videos and founded the production company Cut And Run.


2022 Death Revival Artwork


1994 Bag of Tricks (Compilation) Cover art


2023 Rex Imbecilic Cover art

Beyond the Border

2021 Voyces Artwork

Blind Guardian

1990 Tales from the Twilight World Cover art
1992 Somewhere Far Beyond Cover art
1995 A Past and Future Secret (EP) Cover art
1995 Imaginations from the Other Side Cover art
1995 Bright Eyes (Single) Cover art
1996 Live in Bangkok (Single) Cover art
1996 Mr. Sandman (Single) Cover art
1996 The Forgotten Tales (Compilation) Cover art
1998 Mirror Mirror (Single) Cover art
1998 Nightfall in Middle-Earth Cover art
2003 Live (Live album) Cover art
2018 The Tides of War - Live at Rock Hard Festival 2016 (EP) Cover art
2020 Imaginations from the Other Side Live (Live album) Cover art
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Coffin Rites

2020 When the Sun Burns Red (Single) Artwork

Corvus Corax

2022 Era Metallum Cover art


1998 Nexus Polaris Cover art
2000 Nexus Polaris Cover art


1991 The Wild One Artwork

Crystal Viper

2017 Queen of the Witches Artwork
2018 At the Edge of Time (EP) Cover art


1989 Human Wreckage Artwork
1991 Inside • Out Artwork

Dark Moor

2000 The Hall of the Olden Dreams Cover art
2001 The Fall of Melnibone (EP) Cover art
2002 The Gates of Oblivion Cover art


1990 Cracked Brain Artwork

Dimmu Borgir

1998 Godless Savage Garden (EP) Cover art


1991 III: Crack in the Wall Artwork (as "Marschall")


2002 Throne of the Alliance Cover art
2005 Vengeance in Black Cover art
2023 The Dragonheart's Tale Cover art

End Amen

1992 Your Last Orison Cover art

Evil One

2010 Militia of Death Cover art, Artwork

Gamma Ray

1993 Power of Metal (Split video) Cover art

Grave Digger

1994 Symphony of Death (EP) Cover art
1995 Heart of Darkness Cover art
1996 Tunes of War Cover art
1997 The Dark of the Sun (EP) Cover art
2002 The History: Part One (Compilation) Cover art
2011 The Clans Are Still Marching (Video) Producer, Director, Editing


1989 Dead End Artwork
1991 Nothing Is Sacred Artwork

Hammer King

2022 Kingdemonium Artwork (bonus CD)


2014 Steelcrusher Artwork
2016 Legends Never Die (Compilation) Artwork


1997 Glory to the Brave Cover art
1998 Heeding the Call (Single) Cover Art
1998 Legacy of Kings Cover art
1999 I Want Out (Single) Cover art
2000 I Want Out / Hunting High and Low (Split) Cover art
2000 Renegade Cover art
2014 (r)Evolution Artwork
2016 Built to Last Cover art
2021 Renegade 2.0 Cover art


1989 Pumpkin Tracks (Compilation) Cover art

Holy Cross

2013 Place Your Bets Cover art


1991 Dawn of Possession Cover illustration
1995 Stepping on Angels... Before Dawn (Compilation) Cover art
1996 Here in After Cover art
1999 Failures for Gods Cover art, Icons
2000 Close to a World Below Cover art
2002 Unholy Cult Cover art

In Flames

1996 The Jester Race Cover art, Artwork (as "Andreas Marshall")
1997 Whoracle Cover art
1997 Whoracle / The Jester Race (Compilation) Cover art
1999 Colony Cover art (as "Andreas Marshall")


2016 Terminal Reckoning Cover art

Iron Fire

2001 On the Edge Cover art

King Diamond

1992 A Dangerous Meeting (Split) Cover art


1990 Coma of Souls Artwork
1991 Hallucinative Comas (Video) Cover art, Creative concept, Director, Editing
2000 Chosen Few (Single) Director (video track 4)
2000 1985-1992 Past Life Trauma (Compilation) Cover art
2001 Violent Revolution Cover art
2003 Live Kreation (Live album) Cover art
2003 Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory (Video) Cover art
2008 At the Pulse of Kapitulation - Live in East Berlin 1990 (Video) Editing, Director, Artwork


2012 I Am Death Cover art


1989 Changing Times Cover art


2020 Freedom of Speech Cover art
2021 A Journey into the Unknown Cover art
2022 Empires Falling Cover art


1991 Psychomorphia (EP) Cover art
1991 Choir of Horrors Cover art


1989 Fool's Game Artwork

Morning Dwell

2014 Morning Dwell Cover art (as "Andreas Marshall")
2016 The Guardians of Time Cover art

Nocturnal Rites

1999 The Sacred Talisman Cover art
2000 Afterlife Cover art


1992 The End Complete Artwork
2001 Anthology (Compilation) Cover art
2005 Frozen in Time Artwork (cover illustration)
2007 Xecutioner's Return Cover art
2008 Left to Die (EP) Cover art
2009 Darkest Day Cover art
2014 Inked in Blood Cover art
2016 Ten Thousand Ways to Die (Live album) Cover art
2017 Obituary Cover art
2017 Inked in Blood / Ten Thousand Ways to Die (Compilation) Artwork

On My Command

2018 Apparitions Artwork
2021 Prey Cover art

Orden Ogan

2008 Vale Cover art
2010 Easton Hope Cover art
2012 To the End Cover art
2014 F.E.V.E.R (Single) Logo
2015 Ravenhead Cover art, Logo
2017 Gunmen Cover art, Layout


1989 Blaze of Obscurity Cover art


1998 Wings of Destiny Artwork
1998 Wings of Destiny Artwork
1999 Breaking the Chains Cover art
2002 The Headless Horseman Artwork (band photography)
2008 Wings of Destiny Artwork


1991 Extended Power (EP) Cover art
1992 Trapped! Cover art
1992 Beyond the Wall (EP) Cover art
1994 Power of Metal (Split) Cover art
1994 10 Years in Rage: The Anniversary Album Cover art
1995 Black in Mind Cover Art
1996 End of All Days Cover art
2002 The Dark Side (Compilation) Cover art


1991 Architect of Fear Cover Art
1991 Heads Up! (EP) Cover art


2018 Solitary Men Cover art


1992 The Reborn Cover art

Rough Silk

1998 Beyond the Sundown Cover art (as "Andreas Marshall")

Running Wild

1983 Rock from Hell - German Metal Attack (Split) Artwork
1990 Wild Animal (EP) Artwork
1991 Little Big Horn (EP) Artwork
1991 Blazon Stone Cover art (front and back covers)
1992 Lead or Gold (Single) Cover art
1992 Pile of Skulls Artwork
1994 The Privateer (Single) Cover art
1994 Black Hand Inn Cover art
1995 Masquerade Cover art
1998 The Rivalry Cover art


1995 Mental Reservation Cover art


2015 Steal the Throne Cover art


1990 Art in Motion Cover art


1989 Agent Orange Cover art
1990 Better Off Dead Cover art
1991 The Saw Is the Law (Single) Cover Art
1995 Masquerade in Blood Cover art
2007 The Final Sign of Evil Artwork


2017 The Second Big Bang Cover art, Artwork


2019 Norsemen (We Are) (Single) Cover art
2019 Norsemen Cover art


1997 Visions Cover art


2016 King of Persia Cover art

The Dogma

2006 Black Roses Cover art
2007 A Good Day to Die Cover art

Tower Hill

2023 Deathstalker Artwork


2012 Thrash Command Artwork


2019 The Fairies Dance (Single) Artwork
2019 We Will Rise Artwork
2020 Tundra Artwork
2022 Bliss Artwork


1991 Timebomb Cover art
1997 Independence Day (Single) Cover art
1997 Solid Cover art
1999 Holy Cover art

Unholy Ritual

2010 Finis Origine Pendet (EP) Cover art


2017 Woe to the Vanquished Artwork
2020 Glorious End (Single) Cover art
2020 Weapons of Tomorrow Artwork


1990 Heaven Is for Sale Cover art


2001 Metal Church Cover art


2012 Armageddon Cover art
2014 SuperNova Cover art
2016 Alma de fuego II Cover art
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