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Andreas Libera

Andreas Libera

Real/full name:
Andreas Georg Libera
46 (born Sep 9th, 1974)
Place of origin:
Germany (Kappeln, Schleswig-Holstein)


Recording Engineer and cutter at Rosenquarz Tonstudio, Lübeck, Germany.

Played with Solstice at the 2014 Metal Magic festival in Denmark.


As Andreas Georg Libera:
All instruments (2014-present), Everything (2014-2015)

2014 Silent Waters (Running Deep) (Demo) Everything
2014 A Silent Spirit's Aftermath (Demo) Everything
2015 Chronos (Demo) All instruments
2015 Rainmaker (Demo) All instruments
2015 Vollkommenheit I (Instrumental Demos) (Demo) Everything
2015 Archaos (Demo) All instruments
2015 Fuþark (Demo) All instruments
2015 Supermassive Zero (A Prequel) (Single) Guitars, Bass, Atmospheres
2016 And the Mighty Ones Shall Bow (The Whispering Nightforest) (Single) Guitars, Bass, Atmospheres
2016 Xylophilia (Autumn Impressions) (Single) Guitars, Bass, Atmospheres
2016 Geimferð I - Ritual (Single) Guitars, Bass, Atmospheres
2016 Geimferð II - Towards the Eternal Sphere (Single) Guitars, Bass, Atmospheres
2017 And I Surrender to Silence (Demo) Everything
2017 Ritual III - Saturnalian Dreamsphere (Demo) All instruments
2017 A Dance of Cosmic Objects (Demo) All instruments
2017 Quantum Flow (Ur​-​Chaos II) (Demo) All instruments
2017 Ritual Alpha (Demo) All instruments
2017 Rituals (Demoversions 2015) (Compilation) All instruments (as "Andreas G. Libera")
2017 Cosmos One - The (Un​)​known Universe All instruments (as "Andreas G. Libera")
2017 Cosmos Two - Earth and Beyond (2014​-​2016) (Compilation) All instruments (as "Andreas G. Libera")
2018 Cosmos Three - Of Seasons and Moods All instruments (as "Andreas G. Libera")
2018 Rituals Vocals (tracks 5-7), Songwriting, Lyrics (tracks 5-7), All instruments
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10.000 km² gegen die Zeit

As Don Libido:
Bass (2013-2020)

2015 Dimension Plasma (EP) Bass
2016 Orbit Dualkraut Bass
2019 Absolutely Z Bass


Bass (2000-2001)

Cold Embrace

Bass, Vocals (1996-2008)

1997 Curse (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1998 Godforsaken (Demo) Bass, Vocals
1999 Ode to Sorrow Guitars (rhythm), Bass, Lyrics, Songwriting, Vocals
2001 Age of Doom Bass, Vocals
2003 Buran (EP) Bass, Lyrics (tracks 1-4), Vocals
2015 Versus Recentem Mundum (Compilation) Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (as "Andreas Georg Libera")

Holy Moses

Bass (2001-2003)

2002 Disorder of the Order Bass



2004 Moribund Bass

Spirit Descent

Guitars, Vocals (2008-2014), Guitars (2014-2015)

2010 Doominion Guitars, Bass, Vocals (tracks 4, 6) (as "A. G. L.")
2012 Seven Chapters in A minor Vocals (lead) (track 7), Guitars (lead & rhythm)
2014 Anthem Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing)
2014 The Last Chapter (Demos 2014​/​2015) (Demo) All instruments, All instruments
2017 The Lost Album (2010​-​2011) (Demo) Everything (as "Andreas Georg L.")




Bass (2014)


2000 Requiem Vocals, Bass


2013 Terror Bass (track 6)
2015 Music of the Flies (EP) Bass

10.000 km² gegen die Zeit

2019 Absolutely Z Mixing, Mastering (as "Don Libido")


2000 Requiem Co-producer


2007 Silence Is Not an Option Recording, Producer


2008 (Railway to) BlackShore Recording
2011 Legion Recording
2013 Terror Recording
2015 Music of the Flies (EP) Producer

Chaos I Soared In

2018 Chaos I Soared In (EP) Remastering (track 5)

Creeping Hell

2013 Ride the Bomb Producer, Recording

Delirium Tremens

2004 Thrashing Warthogs Producer (assistant) (as "Andy Libera")


2016 Xylophilia (Autumn Impressions) (Single) Artwork (as "Andreas Georg Libera")
2017 Cosmos One - The (Un​)​known Universe Mastering, Mixing, Recording (as "AGL")
2018 Rituals Mixing (tracks 4-8), Recording (as "AGL")

Erben des Zorns

2012 Zweitens: Krieg Mixing, Mastering


2003 Promo 2003...Until It Breaks Down (Demo) Recording
2005 ...Until It Breaks Down Again Producer (assistant)

Iron Angel

2018 Hellbound Engineering

Isen Torr

2004 Mighty & Superior (EP) Engineering

Legions of Hel

2001 Final Execution (Demo) Producer


1999 Lost Life Co-producer

My Tide

1997 Tired (Demo) Producer
2000 Sounding Lead (Demo) Engineering


2015 Den kristne stank Producer (as "Andreas Georg Libera")


2014 When Sun Disappeared Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Spirit Descent

2010 Doominion Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting, Arrangements, Lyrics (tracks 4, 6) (as "A. G. L.")
2012 Seven Chapters in A minor Producer
2014 Anthem Producer, Music, Arrangements

Still It Cries

2003 A Dedication Producer (assistant) (as "A. Libera")

The River

2009 In Situ Engineering

Violence Unleashed

2007 Spawned to Kill Mixing, Mastering
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