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Andreas Kisser

Andreas Kisser

Real/full name:
Andreas Rudolf Kisser
51 (born Aug 24th, 1968)
Place of origin:
Brazil (São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo)


Andreas and his wife Patricia have three children: Giulia (born 1995), Yohan (born 1997) and Enzo (born 2005).


Andreas contributed to three tracks on the Roadrunner United project to celebrate the label's 25th anniversary.

In 2013, Kisser wrote the foreword to the Portuguese-language Black Sabbath biography "Destruição Desencadeada".

Made a guest appearence at Motörhead's show in Rio de Janeiro on September 25th, 2011 and performed alongside the band for their encore song "Overkill".

Andreas Kisser

Vocals, Guitars, Bass (2005-present)

De la Tierra

Guitars (lead), Vocals (additional) (2012-present)

2013 Maldita historia (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2014 De la Tierra Vocals, Guitars
2016 II Guitars, Vocals, Songwriting (tracks 1, 2, 4, 6)


Guitars (2008-present)

Kisser Clan

Guitars, Vocals (2011-present)


Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (1987-present), Bass (1988, 1990)

1987 Schizophrenia Guitars (lead, acoustic), Bass, Vocals (backing), Lyrics
1989 Beneath the Remains Guitars (lead), Bass, Lyrics
1990 Bestial Devastation (EP) Guitars (lead) (track 6)
1991 Under Siege (Regnum Irae) (Single) Guitars (lead), Bass
1991 Rock Power Magazine Presents (Split) Guitars (lead), Bass, Lyrics
1991 Arise Guitars (lead), Bass
1991 Dead Embryonic Cells (Single) Guitars (lead), Bass
1992 Arise (Single) Guitars (lead), Bass
1992 Third World Posse (EP) Guitars (lead), Bass
1992 Under Siege (Live in Barcelona) (Video) Guitars (lead)
1993 Chaos A.D. Guitars (lead, 12-string acoustic), Viola caipira
1993 Territory (Single) Guitars (lead)
1994 Refuse / Resist (EP) Guitars (lead)
1994 Slave New World (EP) Guitars (lead)
1995 Third World Chaos (Video) Guitars (lead)
1996 Roots Bloody Roots (EP) Guitars (lead)
1996 Natural Born Blasters (EP) Guitars (lead), Lyrics (tracks 1, 5)
1996 We Are What We Are (Video) Guitars (lead)
1996 B-Sides (Compilation) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
1996 Roots Guitars (lead), Guitars (acoustic) (tracks 11, 12), Sitar (track 13), Vocals (backing) (tracks 6, 9, 13), Lyrics (track 9)
1996 Ratamahatta (EP) Guitars (lead)
1996 The Roots of Sepultura (Compilation) Guitars (lead, acoustic), Sitar, Vocals (backing)
1996 Attitude (EP) Guitars (lead)
1996 Cemetery Gates (Demon Knight Edit) (Split) Guitars (lead)
1997 Tribal Devastation (Video) Guitars (lead)
1997 Procreation of the Wicked (EP) Guitars (lead)
1997 Blood-Rooted (Compilation) Guitars (lead)
1998 Single Inédito (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing), Lyrics
1998 Against Guitars, Vocals (backing), Guitars (acoustic) (track 15), Djembe, Bongos, Shaker (track 2), Timbales (track 5), Sitar (track 11), Mandolin (track 14)
1998 Choke (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing), Lyrics (tracks 1, 3)
1999 Against (Single) Guitars, Vocals (backing), Lyrics (tracks 1, 4)
1999 Tribus (EP) Guitars, Vocals (backing)
2001 Nation Guitars, Bass (track 14)
2002 Under a Pale Grey Sky (Live album) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
2002 Chaos DVD (Video) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
2002 Revolusongs (EP) Guitars
2003 Roorback Guitars, Songwriting (tracks 1-12), Lyrics (tracks 2-7, 9, 10, 12)
2005 Live in São Paulo (Live album) Guitars
2005 Live in São Paulo (Video) Guitars
2006 Dante XXI Guitars
2006 The Best of Sepultura (Compilation) Guitars (lead)
2008 Coquinho (Single) Guitars (acoustic)
2009 A-Lex Guitars
2011 Kairos Guitars
2012 The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1987-1996 (Compilation) Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
2013 The Age of the Atheist (Single) Guitars (lead)
2013 The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics
2014 Metal Veins - Alive at Rock in Rio (Live album) Guitars
2014 Metal Veins - Alive at Rock in Rio (Video) Guitars
2014 Dupla Identidade (EP) Guitars (lead), Vocals (lead) (track 10)
2015 DarkSide (Single) Guitars (lead)
2015 Sepultura Under My Skin (Single) Guitars (lead)
2017 Machine Messiah Guitars
2018 Above the Remains Official Bootleg: Live in Germany '89 (Live album) Guitars (lead)
2019 Isolation (Single) Guitars (lead)
2019 Last Time (Single) Guitars (lead)
2020 Quadra Guitars, Vocals (backing), Songwriting
(show all)

Andreas Kisser & Embromation Society

Guitars, Vocals (2005-?)

Brasil Rock Stars

Guitars, Vocals (2002-?)

Charles' Angels

Guitars (1995)

DJ Andreas Kisser

DJ (2011)

Ed Motta, Andreas Kisser and Rui Veloso

Guitars (2011)


Guitars, Vocals (1983-1984), Guitars, Vocals (additional) (2007)




Vocals, Guitars (1986-1987)

1987 Slaves of Pain (Demo) Guitars, Vocals

Projeto Brasil Guitarras

Guitars (lead) (2017), Vocals (2017)

Quarteto da Pinga



Guitars (1995)

1995 SpermogoDemo (Demo) Guitars
2003 IR8 vs. Sexoturica (Split) Guitars


Guitars, Vocals (backing) (2011, 2018)


As Sepulculo:
Guitars (2007-?)

Clube Big Beatles

Guitars, Vocals (2011, 2012)

Far From Alaska

Guitars (2019)

Metal Allegiance

Guitars (2014-present)

Orquestra Rockfônica

Guitars (2013)


Guitars (lead, acoustic) (2008)


2016 Vivo en Red House (Live album) Guitars (track 17)


As Sepulculo:

2006 Live (Video) Guitars
2006 Cristo Satánico Guitars


2009 End Ever Guitars (track 1)

Burning in Hell

2006 Believe Guitars (track 10)


2005 Fulminant Guitars (track 10)
2016 Download Hatred Guitars (lead) (track 9)

Death Angel

2016 The Evil Divide Guitar solo (track 7)


2014 Steelcrusher Guitars (lead) (track 5)


2015 Once upon a Chaos... Guitars (lead) (track 7)

Hudson Cadorini

2008 Turbination Guitars (tracks 3, 7)


2004 Ties of Blood Guitars (track 8)


2009 Angus Guitars (track 9)

Metal Allegiance

2015 Metal Allegiance Guitars (lead) (tracks 4, 9, 10)

Nader Sadek

2014 The Malefic: Chapter III (EP) Guitars (tracks 3, 4)


1994 Point Blank Guitars (lead) (tracks 2, 9, 11)


2001 Check Mate Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing) (track 1)

Ratos de Porão

1987 Cada Dia Mais Sujo e Agressivo Guitars (lead) (track 5)


As Andreas Rudolf Kisser:

2009 Amazônia - Live in the Jungle (Video) Guitars (lead, acoustic)

Death Angel

2015 A Thrashumentary (Video) Interviewee


2001 Check Mate Producer


1991 Arise Lyrics
2011 Kairos Recording
2014 Dupla Identidade (EP) Producer
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