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Andreas Eder

Real/full name:
Andreas Eder
42 (born Nov 22nd, 1978)
Place of origin:


Andreas Eder is actually native German and moved to Italy by now.



2007 Sickz Ways to Incorrect Gynecology (Split) Everything
2008 Fleischwald / Insomnia Isterica / Behind the Mirror (Split) Everything
2009 My Own Army (Demo) Everything
2009 Fleischwald / Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering (Split) Everything
2009 Agamenon Project / Fleischwald (Split) Everything
2009 Fleischwald / Eternal Mystery (Split) Everything
2009 Slaughtergrave / Repulsive Obscenity / Fleischwald (Split) Everything
2009 Rancid Flesh / Fleischwald (Split) Everything
2009 Fleischwald / Holy Cost (Split) Everything
2009 Vomitous Discharge / Fleischwald (Split) Everything
2009 Fornification at the Battlefields (Split) Everything
2009 Global Intoxication Everything
2009 Grind Party at Home (Split) Everything
2010 Grotesque Display of Mutilations (Split) All instruments, Vocals
2011 War Machine (EP) Everything
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Bass, Drums, Guitars (2010-2017)

2010 Purulent Devourments & Cannibalism (Split) Drums, Bass, Guitars
2010 Extreme Manual of Splatter Anatomy (Split) Guitars
2010 Days of Morgue (Split) Bass, Drums, Guitars (as "Andreas")
2011 Untitled / Massive Cannibalism (Split) Guitars, Drums
2011 Diary of the Deranged / Files of a Mental Disturbed (Split) Bass, Drums, Guitars (as "Andreas")
2011 Hideous Human Vintage Drums, Bass, Guitars
2011 Sociopathological Society (Split) Guitars, Drums
2012 The Mind Is Collapsed Bass, Drums, Guitars
2013 Pulmonary Fibrosis / Fecalizer / Cannibe / Olocausto (Split) Bass, Drums, Guitars
2014 5 Ways Brain Tumors and Elevated Intracranial Pressure to Overexposure to Ionizing Radiation (Split) Drum programming, bass, guitars
2014 Necrosplattered Anal Vomit Fistfuck (Split) Bass, Drums, Guitars
2014 A Basket of Vaginal Maggots (Unreleased Collection of Purulent Stuff) (Compilation) Six strings hatchet & mincer
2014 Laboratorio de anatomia (Demo) Bass, Drums, Guitars
2014 Cannibe / Kadaverficker (Split) Bass, Drums, Guitars
2015 VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCx / Bizarre Ejaculation / Cannibe / Wombstomp (Split) Bass, Drums, Guitars
2015 7 Way Split (Split) Six Strings Hatchet & Mincer
2015 Beast from Zhytomyr Guitars and Drum Programming (as "Andreas")
2015 Human Flesh in Putrefaction (Split) Guitars
2016 The International Gore-Trafficking of Human Cadavers (Split) Drums, Guitars
2016 Pedofilia castrados (Split) Bass, Drums, Guitars
2018 Sardinia/Polish Alliance (Split) Bass, Drums, Guitars
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Neisseria Gonorrhoeae


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