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Andre Matos

Andre Matos

Real/full name:
André Coelho Matos
47 (born Sep 14th, 1971)
Jun 8th, 2019
Died of:
Heart attack
Place of birth:
Brazil (São Paulo, São Paulo)


São Paulo-native Andre Matos was a vocalist, pianist and composer. He was the vocalist for several metal bands including Viper, Angra and Shaman.

From October 2006 onwards, Matos fronted his own band simply dubbed Andre Matos.

In 2018, he reunited with the original members of Shaman to celebrate the band's 17th anniversary, a reunion that sparked a small tour.

Another projects he have ...

Andre Matos

Vocals, Piano, Orchestrations (2006-2019)

2007 Time to Be Free Vocals, Piano, Orchestrations
2009 Mentalize Vocals, Piano
2012 The Turn of the Lights Vocals
2019 Moonlight - The Best of Andre Matos (Compilation) Vocals, Piano, Orchestrations


Vocals (lead), Keyboards (1991-2000)

1992 Reaching Horizons (Demo) Keyboards, Vocals
1993 Angels Cry Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
1994 Evil Warning (EP) Vocals
1995 Eldritch / Angra (Split) Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
1995 Live Acoustic at FNAC (EP) Percussion, Vocals, Accordion
1996 Eyes of Christ (Demo) Vocals
1996 Make Believe (Single) Vocals
1996 Holy Land Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Organ, Orchestrations
1996 En Tournée (Split) Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
1996 Freedom Call (EP) Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
1997 Holy Live (Live album) Vocals
1998 Rainy Nights (Single) Vocals
1998 Lisbon (Single) Vocals
1998 Acoustic... and More (EP) Vocals
1998 Angels Cry / Holy Land (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards, Piano
1998 Fireworks Vocals, Keyboards
(show all)


Vocals (1999-2002)


Vocals (lead), Keyboards (2000-2005, 2005-2006, 2018-2019)

2001 Demo (Demo) Vocals
2001 Pré-Ritual Tour - Live in São Paulo (Video) Vocals
2002 Fairy Tale (Single) Vocals
2002 Ritual Vocals, Piano, Keyboards, Orchestrations, Lyrics
2003 Ritualive (Live album) Vocals
2003 Ritualive (Video) Vocals
2005 Innocence (Single) Vocals
2005 Reason Vocals, Piano, Keyboards


Vocals (2010-2011)

2011 In Paradisum Vocals


Vocals (1985-1990, 2012-2016)

1985 Projeto SP Metal (Demo) Vocals
1985 The Killera Sword (Demo) Vocals
1987 Soldiers of Sunrise Vocals
1989 Viper 1989 (Demo) Vocals
1989 Theatre of Fate Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizer
2008 Live at Manifesto - Official Fanclub DVD (Video) Vocals
2015 To Live Again - Live in São Paulo (Live album) Vocals
2015 To Live Again - Live in São Paulo (Video) Vocals
2020 The Spreading Soul Forever (Single) Vocals (Lead)

Virgo (Matos/Paeth)

Vocals, Piano


As André Matos:
Vocals (2008)


2003 Days of Rising Doom Vocals [as Tyran]


2003 Los poetas han muerto Vocals (tracks 7, 9)
2005 Mother Earth Vocals (tracks 7, 9)


2001 The Metal Opera Vocals (lead) (tracks 11-13) (as Elderane, the Elf)
2002 The Metal Opera Pt. II Vocals (lead) (tracks 1, 2, 8) [as Elderane, the Elf]
2010 The Wicked Symphony Vocals (lead) (track 5)
2011 The Flying Opera - Around the World in 20 Days - Live (Video) Vocals (additional)


2009 Word to the Wise Vocals (track 10)

Dr. Sin

2003 10 Anos ao Vivo (Live album) Vocals (disc 2: track 9)
2003 10 Anos ao Vivo (Video) Vocals


2017 Monuments (Compilation) Vocals (Disc 5, track 4)
2017 Monuments (Compilation) Vocals (Disc 3, track 12)


2013 Cyclings Vocals (additional) (track 3)


2005 Consign to Oblivion Vocals (choirs)
2016 Consign to Oblivion (The Orchestral Edition) Vocals (choirs)

Eyes of Shiva

2006 Deep Vocals (track 2)


2009 System Overload Vocals (clean) (tracks 2, 11)


1996 The Last Day (Demo) Vocals (backing) (as "André Matos")
2001 I.Q.U. Promo (Single) Vocals
2005 Henceforth Vocals (track 2)

Holy Sagga

As André Matos:

2002 Planetude Vocals (track 3)


2000 Inside the Eyes Vocals (track 7)


2004 Ties of Blood Vocals (track 7)


2009 Angus Vocals (track 3)

Luca Turilli

2002 Prophet of the Last Eclipse Vocals (lead) (track 12)


1997 Manifiesto Vocals (additional) (track 2), Keyboards (track 1)


1992 Captain Frog (Demo) Vocals (backing) (tracks 2, 3), Keyboards (track 2)


As The White Lion of Goldah:

2017 The Second Big Bang Vocals (tracks 2, 7, 11, 12)


1998 Younique Vocals (backing)


As André Matos:

2004 Another Sun Vocals (track 11)

Time Machine

1998 Secret Oceans Part 2 (EP) Vocals
1998 Eternity Ends Vocals

Tren Loco

2008 Venas de acero Vocals (tracks 1, 3)

Trick or Treat

2012 Rabbits' Hill Pt. 1 Vocals (track 2)
2021 The Unlocked Songs (Compilation) Vocals (track 6)


2007 All My Life Vocals (track 5)


As André Coelho Matos:

1988 Seeds of Destruction Vocals (track 2), Vocals (backing)

Andre Matos

2009 Mentalize Producer, Design, Arrangements (choir, orchestral)
2012 The Turn of the Lights Cover art, Artwork, Co-producer


2002 Ritual Cover concept
2005 Reason Art direction
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