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André Andersen

André Andersen

Real/full name:
André Andersen
62 (born Dec 16th, 1961)
Place of birth:
Russia (Moscow)


Son of Palle Andersen, Moscow-accredited correspondent for the Danish newspaper «Land og Folk», and Galina Shanidze, administrator of the Yermolova Theatre. He claims to be of mixed Danish and Georgian royal blood.

André Andersen

Keyboards, Bass, Guitars (1998-present)

1998 Changing Skin Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Guitars (acoustic)
2002 Black on Black Keyboards, Bass, Guitars
2003 OceanView Piano
2006 Three (Collaboration) Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Songwriting


Bass, Keyboards (2018-present)

Royal Hunt

Keyboards, Guitars (1989-present), Bass (2005)

1992 Land of Broken Hearts Keyboards, Guitars
1994 The Maxi EP (Single) Keyboards
1994 Clown in the Mirror Keyboards, Guitars
1995 Far Away (Single) Keyboards
1995 Moving Target Guitars, Keyboards
1996 1996 (Live album) Keyboards, Guitars
1996 1996 (Video) Keyboards, Guitars
1997 Message to God (Single) Keyboards
1997 Closing the Chapter (Video) Keyboards, Guitars
1997 Paradox Keyboards, Guitars
1998 Paradox: Closing the Chapter (Live album) Keyboards, Guitars
1999 Double Live in Japan (Compilation) Guitars, Keyboards
1999 Fear Keyboards
2000 Intervention (Single) Keyboards
2001 The Mission Keyboards
2001 The Watchers (EP) Keyboards
2003 Eyewitness Keyboards
2005 Paper Blood Keyboards, Bass
2006 2006 Live (Live album) Keyboards
2006 2006 Live (Video) Keyboards
2008 Paradox II: Collision Course Guitars, Keyboards
2010 X Guitars, Keyboards
2011 Hard Rain's Coming (Single) Keyboards
2011 Show Me How to Live Keyboards
2011 Future's Coming from the Past (Video) Keyboards
2012 Heart of the City (Best of 1992-1999) (Compilation) Keyboards, Guitars
2013 One Minute Left to Live (Single) Keyboards, Guitars
2013 A Life to Die For Keyboards
2015 Devil's Dozen Keyboards
2016 Cargo (Live album) Keyboards
2017 2016 (Live album) Keyboards
2018 Cast in Stone Keyboards
2020 The Art of Dying (Single) Keyboards
2020 Dystopia Keyboards
2022 Dystopia - Part II Keyboards
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As Andy Rage:
Keyboards, Guitars (1987-1989)


Keyboards (1993-1997)

Prime Time


1997 The Unknown Keyboards

Witch Cross

Keyboards (1986)

1986 Last Train (Demo) Keyboards

Link Wray Band


2000 Arrival Keyboards
2003 Once upon Our Yesterdays Keyboards (additional)

Eclipse Hunter

2011 Unlimited Edition Keyboards solo (track 5)

Evil Masquerade

2004 Welcome to the Show Keyboard solo (track 3)
2005 Theatrical Madness Keyboards (track 3)

John West

2002 Earth Maker Keyboards (track 2)


1989 End of Discussion (Demo) Keyboards


1993 Narita 93 (Demo) Keyboards
1994 Changes Keyboards
1996 Life Piano, Keyboards


2011 The Next Dance Piano (track 7)

Seven Thorns

2013 II Keyboards (track 2)

André Andersen

1998 Changing Skin Producer, Mixing, Cover design
2002 Black on Black Producer
2003 OceanView Producer

André Andersen / David Readman / Paul Laine

2006 Three (Collaboration) Producer


1987 The Sense (Demo) Producer, Engineering


2000 Arrival Engineering

Evil Masquerade

2004 Welcome to the Show Recording (his own keyboards)

Force Majeure

1990 The Fortress (Demo) Producer

Mental Decay

1987 Demo 1987 (Demo) Producer, Mixing


1989 End of Discussion (Demo) Engineering, Mixing, Producer

Royal Hunt

1992 Land of Broken Hearts Producer
1994 The Maxi EP (Single) Producer
1994 Clown in the Mirror Producer, Engineering
1995 Far Away (Single) Engineering (tracks 1 & 2), Producer
1995 Moving Target Producer
1996 1996 (Live album) Producer
1997 Paradox Producer
1999 Fear Producer
2001 The Mission Producer
2001 The Watchers (EP) Producer
2003 Eyewitness Producer
2005 Paper Blood Producer
2006 2006 Live (Live album) Producer, Mixing
2006 2006 Live (Video) Producer, Mixing
2008 Paradox II: Collision Course Mixing, Producer
2010 X Mixing
2011 Show Me How to Live Lyrics, Producer
2012 20th Anniversary: Special Edition (Boxed set) Producer
2013 A Life to Die For Producer
2015 Devil's Dozen Producer, Mixing
2016 Cargo (Live album) Producer
2017 2016 (Live album) Producer
2018 Cast in Stone Producer
2020 Dystopia Producer
2022 Dystopia - Part II Producer
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