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Amanda Somerville

Amanda Somerville

Real/full name:
Amanda Somerville-Scharf
39 (born Mar 7th, 1979)
Place of origin:
United States (Flushing, Michigan)


Amanda Somerville is an American singer-songwriter and vocal coach, known primarily for her work with many European symphonic metal bands. Her voice has a wide range, however she has said herself that her tessitura is in the alto range.

She was born in Flushing, Michigan, attended Flushing Senior High School, graduating a full year early and won a scholarship for graduating with high honors to ...


Amanda also wrote the story to Kamelot's new concept album Silverthorn besides her role as choir and backing vocals.

Married to Sander Gommans.

Solo albums:
2000 - In the Beginning There Was...
2009 - Windows


Vocals, Vocals (choirs) (2003-2004)

2003 Days of Rising Doom Vocals, Choirs, Lyrics

Exit Eden

Vocals (2017-present)


Vocals (female, whispers), Lyrics (2005-present)

2014 Serenades of the Netherworld Vocals (female)

Kiske / Somerville

Vocals (2009-present)

2010 Silence (Single) Vocals
2010 Kiske / Somerville Vocals
2015 City of Heroes Vocals (backing), Vocals (lead), Songwriting (track 6)


Vocals, Keyboards (2011-present)

2011 Alloy Vocals
2018 Tectonic Vocals


Vocals (backing, additional) (2008, 2011-present)


Vocals (female) (2008)


Vocals (female) (2009)

After Forever

2004 Invisible Circles Voice (tracks 3, 8)
2005 Remagine Vocals (alto)
2007 After Forever Vocals (choirs)

Ancestral Dawn

2017 Souldance Vocals as "Jessica Isern"

Andre Matos

2007 Time to Be Free Vocals (backing)
2009 Mentalize Vocals (backing)


2007 Lost in Space (Single) Vocals
2007 Lost in Space (Part 2) (EP) Vocals (tracks 1, 6)
2007 Lost in Space (Part 1) (EP) Vocals (additional) (tracks 1, 4)
2008 The Scarecrow Vocals (tracks 5, 11)
2010 The Wicked Symphony Vocals (backing)
2010 Angel of Babylon Vocals (backing)
2011 The Flying Opera - Around the World in 20 Days - Live (Video) Vocals (backing)

Beyond the Black

2016 Lost in Forever Vocals (choirs) (track 7)


2011 Through the Gates Vocals (additional) (track 7)

Ebony Ark

As Amanda Somerville-Scharf:

2006 Decoder 2.0 Vocals (backing)


2004 King of Fools (EP) Vocals (backing)
2004 Hellfire Club Vocals (backing)
2005 Superheroes (EP) Vocals (backing)
2006 Rocket Ride Vocals (backing)
2010 Superheroes / Rocket Ride (Compilation) Vocals (backing)


2014 The Pagan Manifesto Vocals (track 2)


2003 The Phantom Agony Vocals (soprano)
2003 The Phantom Agony (Single) Vocals (additional)
2004 We Will Take You with Us (Video) Vocals (soprano, backing)
2005 Consign to Oblivion Vocals (choirs)
2007 The Divine Conspiracy Spoken word (track 2), Vocals (choirs), Vocals (backing), Lyrics
2009 The Classical Conspiracy - Live in Miskolc, Hungary (Live album) Vocals
2009 Design Your Universe Vocals (backing), Vocals (choirs)
2010 This Is the Time (Single) Vocals "Unleashed (Amanda Duet version)" (as "Amanda Somerville-Scharf")
2012 Storm the Sorrow (Single) Vocals (backing), Lyrics, Arrangements
2012 Requiem for the Indifferent Vocals (backing), Vocals (choirs) (alto)


2009 System Overload Vocals (female, whispers) (tracks 1-5, 7-10), Lyrics

Infinity Overture

2011 The Infinite Overture Pt. 1 Vocals (tracks 1, 5, 7-8)


2013 Dark Reveries Vocals (track 7)


2005 The Black Halo Vocals (choirs) (as "Amanda Somerville-Scharf")
2007 Ghost Opera (Single) Vocals (female)
2007 Ghost Opera Vocals (tracks 3, 6, 8), Vocals (choirs) (as "Amanda Sommerville")
2008 Ghost Opera: The Second Coming Vocals on "Season's End"
2010 Poetry for the Poisoned Vocals (tracks 6, 10, 11, 12, 13)
2012 Silverthorn Vocals (backing), Silverthorn Choir

Luca Turilli

2002 Demonheart (EP) Vocals (choirs)
2002 Prophet of the Last Eclipse Vocals (female), Vocals (choirs)


2006 The Edge of Infinity Vocals (backing) (track 5)
2009 New Shores Vocals (additional) (track 9) (as "Amanda Somerville-Scharf")


2011 Quarterpast Spoken word (track 1)

Mercy Isle

2016 Undying Fire Vocals (additional) (track 8)

Mob Rules

2006 Ethnolution A.D. Vocals (choirs)


2012 Bag of Tricks Vocals (track 4)

Red Circuit

2014 Haze of Nemesis Vocals (track 5)


2010 Tears of White Roses Vocals (tracks 2, 12)


2011 Death & Legacy Vocals (female) (track 8)
2016 Codex Atlanticus Vocals (female) (tracks 1, 9)


2005 Reason Vocals, Vocals (backing)

Siber Sky

2012 Time Bomb Vocals (track 1)


2012 Hollow's Gathering Vocals as "Wayna, The Phoenix"


2013 Cry Wolf Vocals (track 4)


2014 Sacrificium Narration


2015 Rise! Producer

Andre Matos

2007 Time to Be Free Engineering (additional)


2003 The Phantom Agony (Single) Lyrics (editing)
2007 The Divine Conspiracy Lyrical editing, Engineering
2009 Design Your Universe Editing, Engineering, Lyrics
2012 Requiem for the Indifferent Lyrics


2012 Silverthorn Concept story

Mercy Isle

2016 Undying Fire Producer

Silent Saga

2017 Ball of Vanities (EP) Producer
2017 Immortal (EP) Producer
2017 The Path (Single) Producer
2017 The Path (EP) Producer


2011 Alloy Engineering (sound)
2018 Tectonic Producer, Engineering
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