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Alexandra Sidorova

Alexandra Sidorova

Real/full name:
Александра Сидорова
28 (born Nov 30th, 1990)
Place of origin:
Russia (Moscow)

Sky Too High

Vocals (2014, 2016-present)

Zmey Gorynich

As Rys:
Vocals (2016-present)

2018 Mother Russia Vocals (female)


As Alexandra "Rys":
Vocals (2010-2014, 2016-present)

2011 Взойди солнце Vocals (as "Alexandra "Rys" Sidorova")
2012 Сыны Сокола Vocals, Lyrics (as "Alexandra "Rys" Sidorova")
2013 Кологод (EP) Vocals (as "Alexandra "Rys" Sidorova")
2017 Пробуждайся Русь (Single) Vocals


Vocals (2009)

Imperial Age

Vocals (2014-2016)

2016 Warrior Race (EP) Vocals (lead)

Morbid Violence

As Gvendolen:
Vocals (2008)

Valley of the Moon

Vocals (2008-2009)

2010 Ode to Osiris (EP) Vocals

Vesper Led

Vocals (backing) (2008-2009)


Vocals (2011-2012)

2012 Сумерки богов Vocals


2019 Red City (Single) Vocals (choirs)

Beer Bear

2010 Мёд (Honey) Vocals (track 10), Vocals (backing) (as "Alexandra "Gvenvivar" Sidorova")
2011 Фолк-н-ролл (EP) Tin whistle (track 2)

Haze of Summer

As Alexandra "Rys" Sidorova:

2019 Stuzha Vocals (female)


2015 Tears of Silence Vocals (soprano) (track 9)

Imperial Age

2012 Anthem of Valour (Single) Vocals (soprano)
2012 Wings of Your Heart (Single) Vocals (soprano)
2012 Turn the Sun Off! Vocals (track 13), Vocals (choirs) (soprano) (as "Alexandra "Lynx" Sidorova")
2014 Vanaheim (Single) Vocals (choirs)

Seven Sins

2016 Due Diaboli et Apocalypse Vocals (tracks 5, 7)

Zmey Gorynich

2014 Ой, лёли-лёли (Single) Vocals (as "Sasha Rys")
2016 Malafya (EP) Vocals


2013 Decade of Glory (Live album) Vocals (choirs, soprano)
2014 Yav Vocals (soprano) (DVD)
2014 10 лет во славу (Video) Vocals (choirs, soprano)


As Alexandra "Lynx" Sidorova:

2014 Зачин Vocals


2011 Codex Archaos Conductor (choir)

Imperial Age

2012 Turn the Sun Off! Conductor (choir)
2014 Vanaheim (Single) Conductor (choir)


2011 Slovo Conductor (choir)
2013 Decade of Glory (Live album) Conductor (choir) (as "Alexandra "Ris" Sidorova")
2014 10 лет во славу (Video) Conductor (choir) (as "Alexandra "Rys" Sidorova")


2013 И аз воздам Conductor (choir)


2011 Летели вороны Conductor (choir)
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