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Alex Solca

Alex Solca

Real/full name:
Alessandro Emilio Solcà
61 (born Nov 1962)
Place of birth:
Switzerland (Vezia, Lugano, Ticino)


Photographer of musicians, rock bands and related madness. Relocated in Los Angeles, USA in 1987.

Alex De Rosso

1998 Ossimoro Photography

Armored Saint

2000 Revelation Photography (band)
2001 Nod to the Old School (Compilation) Photography, Cover art


1988 Socialized Hate Photography
1990 Violent by Nature Photography


2005 Windrider Photography
2012 Marching On Photography


2011 Dominion Photography


1989 A Rose by Any Other Name (EP) Photography

Cannibal Corpse

2004 The Wretched Spawn Photography
2006 Kill Photography
2008 Centuries of Torment: The First 20 Years (Video) Photography
2009 Evisceration Plague Photography
2013 Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal (Boxed set) Photography
2013 Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal (Compilation) Photography

Cattle Decapitation

2006 Karma.Bloody.Karma Photography
2019 Death Atlas Photography

Celtic Frost

1987 Into the Pandemonium Photography (band)


1987 R.I.P. Band photos
1988 Punishment for Decadence Photography (back cover)
1989 Purple Haze / Masked Jackal (Single) Photography

Daniele Liverani

1999 Viewpoint Photography


2007 The Lost Tracks of Danzig (Compilation) Photography


2002 Volume One Photography

Derek Sherinian

2020 The Phoenix Photography

Destiny's End

1998 Breathe Deep the Dark Photography
2001 Transition Photography


2003 Evil or Divine (Video) Photography
2004 Master of the Moon Photography
2005 Evil or Divine: Live in New York City (Live album) Photography
2010 Evil or Divine: Live in New York City (Video) Photography
2010 Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 (Live album) Photography
2021 Evil or Divine: Live in New York City (Live album) Photography


2000 Nightmare World Photography
2001 Hallowed Apparition Photography
2006 The Parallel Otherworld Photography


1989 Rise Above (EP) Photography (back cover)
1989 Annihilation of Civilization Photography
1992 Live....from the Depths of the Underworld (Live album) Photography
2020 United States of Anarchy Photography (band)

Fates Warning

1998 Still Life (Live album) Photography
2000 Disconnected Photography
2003 The View from Here (Video) Photography
2008 Perfect Symmetry Photography

Graham Bonnet Band

2016 The Book Photography

Grip Inc.

1995 Power of Inner Strength Photography
1997 Nemesis Photography
1999 Solidify Photography

Heir Apparent

1990 One Small Voice Photography


1988 A Distant Thunder Photography

Holy Grail

2013 Ride the Void Photography (band)


2015 Venom Photography

John Arch

2003 A Twist of Fate (EP) Photography

Karl Sanders

2004 Saurian Meditation Photography


2008 Taking the World by Storm (Single) Photography

Kill Devil Hill

2012 Kill Devil Hill Photography

King Diamond

1989 Conspiracy Photography (band, graveyard)
1995 The Spider's Lullabye Photography
1997 The Eye Photography
2000 House of God Photography
2002 Abigail II: The Revenge Photography
2003 The Best of King Diamond (Compilation) Photography
2003 The Puppet Master Photography
2004 "Them" / Conspiracy (Compilation) Photography
2004 Deadly Lullabyes - Live (Live album) Photography


1994 Welcome to Sky Valley Photography

Lȧȧz Rockit

1989 Annihilation Principle Photography
1990 Holiday in Cambodia (Single) Photography

Last Rites

2022 Baptized in Hell (Compilation) Photography


1998 Legacy Photography

Machine Head

2003 Through the Ashes of Empires Photography (band)
2007 The Blackening Photography

Mark Boals

2000 Ring of Fire Photography (band)


1997 The Watcher Photography

Mercyful Fate

1992 A Dangerous Meeting (Split) Photography
1999 9 Photography

Morbid Angel

2000 Gateways to Annihilation Photography
2003 Heretic Photography


1999 Animation Photography

Nasty Savage

1989 Penetration Point Photography

New Eden

2007 Stagnant Progression Photography


2001 Evermoving Photography


2004 Metal for Life Photography


2002 100% Live (Live album) Photography


2002 Trinity Photography
2006 Continuum Photography

Rhett Forrester

1988 Even the Score Photography

Ring of Fire

2004 Lapse of Reality Photography


2024 The Fallen Photography

Sacred Reich

1988 Surf Nicaragua (EP) Photography
1996 Heal Photography (band)
1997 Still Ignorant (1987-1997) (Live album) Photography


1996 The Roots of Sepultura (Compilation) Photography
1997 Arise Photography
1998 Arise Photography

Shadows Fall

2008 Of One Blood Photography

Sircle of Silence

1994 Suicide Candyman Layout, Photography, Artwork


1991 Decade of Aggression (Live album) Photography

Spastic Ink

1997 Ink Complete Photography (digital imaging)

Spirits of Fire

2019 Spirits of Fire Photography

Steel Prophet

1995 Continuum (EP) Photography
1997 Into the Void (Hallucinogenic Conception) Photography
1999 Dark Hallucinations Photography
2000 Messiah Photography
2000 Genesis (Compilation) Photography
2001 Book of the Dead Photography


2015 Fallen Photography
2018 God Damn Evil Photography

Tony MacAlpine

2011 Tony MacAlpine Photography


2008 War Without End Photography
2009 Waking into Nightmares Photography
2020 Weapons of Tomorrow Photography


1998 Ancient Future Photography


2003 When God Turned Away Photography
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