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Alex Eckman Lawn

Alex Eckman Lawn

Real/full name:
Alexander Eckman Lawn
35 (born Dec 22nd, 1984)
Place of origin:
United States (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Alex's work appears in the following comics:
Awakening, Volumes 1 and 2
Popgun, volume 4 (Rusted: Faded Signal)
Moon Lake (His Last Escape)

Potmos Hetoimos

2015 The Paragon Trisagion Programming (track 10)

Abandon All Hope

2011 Prowler Artwork

Aro Ora

2019 Wairua Artwork


2018 The Raised Hand Artwork

At Dawn

2009 Rapture (EP) Artwork

Bridge Burner

2018 Null Apostle Cover art


2013 Aesthesis (EP) Artwork


2018 Inherent Cover art

Defeated Sanity

2010 Chapters of Repugnance Layout
2013 Passages into Deformity Layout (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")
2016 Disposal of the Dead // Dharmata Design, Layout
2020 The Sanguinary Impetus Layout (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")


2013 Aesthesis (EP) Artwork (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")


2009 Lazarus Artwork
2013 Back to Where You've Never Been Cover art
2017 Chapter I: Inconsolabilis (EP) Artwork (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")


2010 Head Crusher (EP) Artwork


2018 Idol Artwork (skull geometry)


2011 Disymposium Artwork


2014 Transient Artwork, Layout
2018 Integrity / Krieg (Split) Cover art (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")

Murder Therapy

2009 Symmetry of Delirium Artwork, Layout

Nero di Marte

2013 Nero di Marte Artwork (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")
2014 Split MMXIV (Split) Cover art
2014 Derivae Artwork (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")
2020 Immoto Cover art


2009 Nesseria Artwork
2014 Fractures Artwork
2017 Cette érosion de nous-mêmes Artwork

Organ Dealer

2015 Visceral Infection Artwork, Layout
2016 Insomnia Chamber (Single) Artwork

Potmos Hetoimos

2015 The Paragon Trisagion Artwork
2018 Vox Medusae Cover art

Satellite Beaver

2012 The Last Bow (EP) Artwork, Design

Savage Messiah

2019 Demons Artwork (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")

Severed Savior

2008 Servile Insurrection Layout (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")


2018 Esoteric Malacology Design and Layout

Terminal Function

2008 Measuring the Abstract Artwork, Design (as "Alex Eckman-Lawn")
2015 Clockwork Sky Artwork

The Abandonment

2010 Ephemeral Artwork

The Mark of Man

2010 The Mark of Man Artwork
2014 Exeunt (EP) Cover art


2008 Chained to Routines (Demo) Cover art

Vale of Pnath

2008 Vale of Pnath (EP) Artwork


2020 Vernal Cover art


2019 A Violent Dread (EP) Artwork
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