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Alessandro Conti

Alessandro Conti

Real/full name:
Alessandro Conti
38 (born Aug 8th, 1980)
Place of origin:
Italy (Sassuolo (Modena), Emilia-Romagna)


Conti is also a freelance illustrator and a tattoo artist (at the Tattooga Bay shop in Modena, Italy). All of the Trick or Treat artworks are made by him.



2018 Lione/Conti Vocals

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody

Vocals (2011-2018)

2012 Dark Fate of Atlantis (Single) Vocals
2012 Ascending to Infinity Vocals
2015 Rosenkreuz (The Rose and the Cross) (Single) Vocals
2015 Prometheus (Single) Vocals
2015 Prometheus, Symphonia Ignis Divinus Vocals (lead), Vocals (choirs)
2015 Il cigno nero (Reloaded) (Single) Vocals
2016 Cinematic and Live (Live album) Vocals
2016 Prometheus - The Dolby Atmos Experience + Cinematic and Live (Compilation) Vocals

Trick or Treat

Vocals (2002-present)

2003 Italian Helloween Tribute (Live album) Vocals
2005 Like Donald Duck (Demo) Vocals
2006 Evil Needs Candy Too Vocals
2009 Paper Dragon (Single) Vocals
2009 Tin Soldiers Vocals, Songwriting (tracks 3, 8), Lyrics (tracks 3, 6, 8)
2009 Evil Needs Christmas Too (Single) Vocals
2010 David Gnomo (Single) Vocals
2011 Heavy Metal Bunga Bunga (Single) Vocals
2012 False Paradise (Single) Vocals
2012 Rabbits' Hill Pt. 1 Vocals
2014 Let It Go (Single) Vocals
2016 Rabbits' Hill Pt. 2 Vocals, Songwriting (tracks 3, 6, 9), Lyrics (tracks 2, 3, 6, 9)
2017 Pegasus Fantasy (Single) Vocals
2018 Re-Animated Vocals
(show all)

Twilight Force

Vocals (2018-present)

Empty Tremor





2012 Era Vocals (choirs)
2017 Secrets of the Magick Grimoire Vocals (choirs)

Infinita Symphonia

2018 Liberation Vocals on song 7
2018 Liberation Vocals

Secret Sphere

2010 Archetype Vocals (choirs)


As Chunk:

2019 They Never Say Die Vocals (track 3)


2011 Rise of the Mammoth Engineering (Vocals), Artwork, Layout, Booklet


2013 We Rise Cover art
2014 Orpheus Cover art

Trick or Treat

2006 Evil Needs Candy Too Cover art, Artwork, Engineering (vocals (backing))
2009 Tin Soldiers Cover art, Artwork
2012 False Paradise (Single) Cover art
2012 Rabbits' Hill Pt. 1 Artwork, Illustrations
2016 Rabbits' Hill Pt. 2 Cover art, Artwork
2018 Re-Animated Artwork
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