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Real/full name:
Place of origin:
Russia (Zyryanka, Sakha (Yakutiya))


Released a collaborative single with Demether Grail on May 7th, 2013, titled "The Moribund People":
1. Animae Strident (00:54)
2. The Moribund People (04:29)


Vocals (soprano, screams, choirs) (2004-present)

2007 The Prologue of Eschaton (Demo) Vocals
2009 Gossamer Witchcraft Vocals, Lyrics
2009 Аранеум Vocals, Lyrics
2011 Codex Archaos Vocals (soprano, screams)
2012 Era Obscura (Single) Vocals (soprano, choirs), Lyrics
2013 Sister September (Single) Vocals (soprano, screams, choirs)
2015 Witch Cult Ternion Vocals (soprano, screams), Songwriting (tracks 1, 3, 8)
2015 Death of Love (Single) Vocals (soprano, screams)
2018 Evocation (EP) Vocals (soprano, screams), Lyrics (tracks 1, 2, 6-8)
2019 Classical Compilation (EP) Vocals


2012 Why... (Single) Vocals
2012 My Truth and Its Gist (Single) Vocals
2015 Icy World Vocals

Neron Kaisar

2013 Madness of the Tyrant Narration, Vocals


2016 Neos Cosmos (EP) Vocals (soprano)
2019 Crucify the Universe Vocals (track 5) (as "Aina Blackthorn")


2012 Why... (Single) Artwork (as "Aina Blackthorn")
2016 Instrumental Covers (EP) Artwork (as "Aina Blackthorn")
2016 In Memory About... (piano version) Artwork (as "Aina Blackthorn")
2016 Blind Me (piano version) Artwork (as "Aina Blackthorn")
2017 Pain of a Thousand Tears (piano version) Artwork (as "Aina Blackthorn")
2017 Dead Romance (Single) Cover art
2017 Fragments of Memories (piano version) Artwork
2017 The Heart of the Black Queen (piano version) Artwork
2018 Infinite Nightmare (Single) Artwork
2018 Silhouettes of Consciousness (piano version) Cover art
2018 Instrumental Covers: Part 2 (Compilation) Cover art
2018 One Last Touch (piano version) Artwork
2019 Icy World (piano version) Cover art (as "Aina Blackthorn")
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Arcanorum Astrum

2018 Трансформация разума (EP) Artwork (as "Aina Blackthorn")
2018 Кровь и тьма (EP) Artwork (as "Aina Blackthorn")
2019 Гимны Великому Layout (as "Aina Tornheim")


2012 Era Obscura (Single) Artwork
2013 Sister September (Single) Artwork
2015 Death of Love (Single) Artwork
2019 Classical Compilation (EP) Vocals (soprano, screams, choirs)


2016 Цена открытий Design (as "Aina Blackthorn")


2017 Диктатура желаний Artwork (as "Aina Blackthorn")
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