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Ahti Kortelainen

Ahti Kortelainen

Real/full name:
Ahti Kortelainen
Place of origin:
Finland (Kemi)


Finnish bassist and sound engineer who runs Tico-Tico Studio in Kemi, Finland.

...and Oceans

1998 The Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts Producer, Mixing, Recording
1999 The Symmetry of I, the Circle of O Producer, Mixing, Recording


1999 No Heaven in Sight Engineering, Mixing, Producer (as "Ahti "Agaani" Kortelainen")


1996 Psychostasia Mixing, Recording
1998 Seven (EP) Recording, Producer, Mixing

Agnus Dei

1995 Molten (EP) Recording
1998 Wall of Pain Engineering, Mixing


1999 Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity Recording, Mixing (as "Ahti "kaakaovanukaskäyttöinen motivaattori" Kortelainen")
2008 Wreath of Thevetat Recording (drums)


2004 Divinity Producer, Recording, Engineering, Mixing
2007 Divine Invitation (Compilation) Mixing (tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 10)

Ancient Dawn

1995 None by the Dawn (Demo) Recording, Mixing


2003 Arcanes Mixing (as "Ahti "I Don't Like Computers" Kortelainen")
2004 Dystopia Mixing, Mastering (as "Ahti "It Could Always Be Better" Kortelainen")
2005 Kadavreski Mixing, Mastering (as "Ahti "Nuklear Bomb" Kortelainen")


1991 Two Songs of Sorrow (Single) Mixing, Recording


2004 Sirens Producer


2000 Contentum Recording, Mixing
2002 Terrestrials Engineering (as "Ahti "Rrrrrready?" Kortelainen")

Babylon Whores

1997 Cold Heaven Producer, Mixing, Engineering (as "Ahti "Mummo" Kortelainen")


1998 Legions of Perkele Recording, Mixing (as "Ahti "Captain Satan in Hell" Kortelainen")
1999 Saatana Producer, Engineering, Mixing
2002 Venomous Mixing
2005 Anno Aspera: 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth Engineering, Mixing


1991 The Gods of the Pit (Demo) Recording, Mixing (as "Ahti")
1992 Wisdom of Darkness (EP) Engineering
1993 Never Again Producer
1993 The Gods of the Pit pt. II (Paragon So Below) (EP) Engineering, Mixing
1994 Aftertaste 1 1/2 (Single) Recording, Mixing
2019 The Invocation of Belial (Compilation) Mastering

Burning Point

2012 The Ignitor Mastering

Cain's Offering

2015 Stormcrow Recording (bass)


2000 Eternal Winter's Prophecy Engineering (as "Ahti "Onnistu se sittenki" Kortelainen")

Celestial Empire

1995 Distant Valleys (Demo) Recording, Mixing
1996 Promo 1/96 (Demo) Recording, Mixing


1993 Inexorable Reciprocation (Demo) Recording, Mixing
1994 Dies Irae (Demo) Recording, Mixing

Count de Nocte

1995 Nos Omnes Una Manet (Demo) Mixing
1998 Sorores Nocte Genitae (EP) Recording, Mixing


1989 Confirmed Suffering (Demo) Mixing (as "Ahti")


1998 Sweetbriers Recording, Producer, Mixing

Damage S.F.P.

1993 Demo '93 (Demo) Recording, Mixing (as "A. Kortelainen")
1996 Novemberborn (Demo) Recording, Mixing

Dawn of Relic

2003 Lovecraftian Dark Recording, Mixing (as "Ahti "Pistäkää se kamera vittuun tai tuhoan rumpuraidat" Kortelainen")
2005 Night on Earth Recording, Mixing (as "Ahti "Se on kuule pojat riski" Kortelainen")

De Lirium's Order

2004 Victim No. 52 Mixing (as "Ahti "Oravanpyytäjä" Kortelainen")


1992 Slumber of Sullen Eyes Producer, Engineering

Double Square

2011 The Hive Mixing, Mastering

Drop Forge

2011 Neurogeezer Mastering

Enochian Crescent

1997 Telocvovim Engineering, Mixing
1998 Babalon Patralx de Telocvovim (EP) Mixing, Engineering (as "Ahti "Myrkky" Kortelainen")
2000 Omega Telocvovim Engineering, Mixing

Eternal Tears of Sorrow

1997 Sinner's Serenade Engineering
1998 Vilda Mánnu Engineering, Mixing
2000 Chaotic Beauty Recording
2001 The Last One for Life (Single) Recording
2001 A Virgin and a Whore Engineering
2006 A Virgin and a Whore / Chaotic Beauty (Compilation) Engineering
2006 Before the Bleeding Sun Engineering
2009 Tears of Autumn Rain (Single) Engineering
2009 Children of the Dark Waters Engineering
2013 Saivon lapsi Recording, Engineering


1994 Scorched (EP) Producer

For My Pain...

2003 Fallen Engineering (as "Ahti (Se vanha mics studiolla) Kortelainen")

Gates of Ishtar

1996 A Bloodred Path Recording, Mixing


1990 Demo -90 (Demo) Mixing


2017 Northern Hell Song Mixing, Mastering


2009 Dice Mixing, Mastering

Hanging Garden

2007 Inherit the Eden Producer, Recording, Mixing

Impaled Nazarene

1991 Taog eht fo Htao Eht (Demo) Recording, Mixing (as "I-tha")
1992 Goat Perversion (EP) Recording
1993 Sadogoat (Single) Recording
1993 Ugra-Karma Producer
1994 Suomi Finland Perkele Producer (as "Ahti "Voi Vittu" Kortelainen")
1996 Motörpenis (Single) Engineering
1996 Latex Cult Engineering (as "Ahti "Tämä Selvä" Kortelainen")
1998 Rapture Recording, Mixing (as "Ahti "EI OO Nyt Oikein Mittää Hokemaa" Kortelainen")
2001 Suomi Finland Perkele & Motörpenis (Compilation) Producer (as "Ahti "Voi Vittu" Kortelainen")


1990 Insomnia (EP) Engineering, Mixing


2007 All That I Drain (Single) Mixing, Recording
2007 Consequences Recording, Mixing


2000 Swamplord Producer
2002 They Will Return Producer, Engineering, Recording
2003 Swampsong Recording
2006 The Black Waltz Recording, Mixing
2008 Swamplord / They Will Return (Compilation) Producer
2008 For the Revolution Producer, Mixing, Recording
2010 12 Gauge Recording, Mixing
2013 Seventh Swamphony Recording
2018 Palo Recording (guitars, vocals, keyboards), Mixing


1997 Autumnal Producer, Engineering, Mixing
1998 Eclipse Producer, Engineering


2009 Majestic Machination Mastering


1989 Senseless Extermination (EP) Producer, Mixing


2001 Suden uni Recording, Mixing, Mastering (as "Ahti "Pirtu" Kortelainen")
2001 Voimasta ja kunniasta Producer, Recording, Mixing
2003 Kivenkantaja Recording, Mixing (as "Ahti "Mein Gott" Kortelainen")
2005 Verisäkeet Mixing (as "Ahti "Periaatteessa se on mulle aivan sama" Kortelainen")
2007 V: Hävitetty Recording, Mixing
2011 Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa Mixing
2016 Jumalten aika Mixing


1993 Dances from Left Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Mors Principium Est

2003 Inhumanity Mixing, Recording
2005 The Unborn Mixing, Recording


2002 Introspection Engineering, Mixing


2019 Invisible Enemy Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
2020 Alea Iacta Est (Single) Mixing, Mastering


1993 Moulded in Clay (Demo) Recording
1994 Vociferous & Machiavellian Hate (Split) Engineering
1995 Pain Amplifier Engineering, Mixing

Neglected Fields

1998 Synthinity Recording, Mixing


1997 Lesbian Show Engineering, Mixing
2003 I Am Jesus Mixing
2004 Lyssa - Rural Gods and Astonishing Punishments Mixing


1997 Demo 1997 (Demo) Mixing, Engineering
2001 The End of Christianity Mixing, Engineering (Tracks 8-11)


2012 Decadence Mixing

Rotten Sound

1997 Under Pressure Mixing, Producer, Engineering


2019 Ordo Naturalis Mixing, Mastering


1996 Overshine Producer, Engineering, Mixing


1990 When Death Join Us (Demo) Recording, Mixing
1992 Shadows of the Past Engineering, Producer
1993 North from Here Recording, Engineering, Mixing
1995 Amok Recording, Mixing
1995 Love and Death (EP) Engineering
1999 Killing Me Killing You (Single) Engineering
2000 Crimson Engineering


2004 Kholera Mixing

Silent Voices

2002 Chapters of Tragedy Engineering, Mixing

Sonata Arctica

1999 UnOpened (Single) Recording
1999 Ecliptica Recording
2000 Successor (EP) Recording
2001 Wolf & Raven (Single) Recording
2001 Silence Recording
2001 Orientation (EP) Recording
2001 Last Drop Falls (Single) Recording
2003 Victoria's Secret (Single) Recording
2003 Winterheart's Guild Recording (as "Ahti "Eisaasuuttua" Kortelainen")
2003 Broken (Single) Recording
2003 Takatalvi (EP) Recording, Mixing (track 7)
2004 Don't Say a Word (EP) Recording, Mixing (track 2)
2004 Reckoning Night Recording (as "Ahti "Viheltääääääää...Khh Khhhhh!!!" Kortelainen")
2004 Shamandalie (Single) Recording, Mixing
2006 Replica 2006 (Single) Recording
2007 Paid in Full (Single) Engineering
2007 Unia Recording (as "Ahti "Onneks ei olla ens levyn biisejä soittamassa" Kortelainen")
2008 Ecliptica Mixing ("Letter To Dana (Returned to Sender)")
2009 The Days of Grays Recording (drums, bass)
2019 Talviyö Recording (additional)
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1995 Drown! (Demo) Mixing, Recording
1995 Fulcrum (EP) Recording, Mixing

System Shock

2004 Arctic Inside Engineering
2006 Escape Engineering
2008 Urban Rage Engineering

The Black League

2000 Ichor Engineering
2001 Doomsday Sun (EP) Recording (tracks 1-4, 6)

The Dark Element

2017 The Dark Element Recording (drums)

The Dead Beginners

2000 Sinners' Rebellion Recording, Mixing
2001 Black Harmony / The Dead Beginners (Split) Producer, Engineering (The Dead Beginners) Recording, Mixing (Thyrane)

The Duskfall

2014 Where the Tree Stands Dead Mixing, Mastering

The Fallen Within

2009 Intoxicated Mixing, Mastering

Throes of Dawn

1998 Dreams of the Black Earth Engineering, Producer, Mixing
2000 Binding of the Spirit Producer, Engineering, Mixing

Thy Serpent

1996 Forests of Witchery Engineering
1998 Christcrusher Engineering (as "Ahti "Pikkasenrankka" Kortelainen")


1997 Black Harmony (Demo) Recording, Mixing (as "A. Kortelainen")
2000 The Spirit of Rebellion Recording, Engineering, Mixing (as "AhTico TiKortelainen")
2005 Travesty of Heavenly Essence Recording, Mixing (as "Ahti "Paniikkia Puolustuksessa" Kortelainen")

Tricky Means

1996 Friend Till the End (Demo) Recording, Mixing
1997 Peace Maker (Demo) Recording, Mixing


1993 Head Tales (EP) Producer


1995 Diatribe Engineering, Mixing


2004 Wintersun Recording (drums)


2004 Gospel of Madness Engineering, Mixing


1997 With Tragedies Adorned Producer, Engineering
2001 Frore Meadow Engineering, Mixing (as "A. Kortelainen")

Zenith Reunion

2015 Entropy Mixing, Mastering
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