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Real/full name:
Juha Tapio Hintikka
53 (born Jun 6th, 1968)
May 30th, 2022
Died of:
Brain tumors
Place of birth:


As Ykä:
Drums (1988-1992)

1988 Thank God It's Monday Drums
1988 Without It / White Lies (Single) Drums
1988 Thank God It's Monday / Helluva Noise (Single) Drums
1989 Hospital Hallucinations Take One Drums
1989 Vengeance Through Violence (EP) Drums
1991 Both Ends of the Path Drums
1991 Liquid Bliss (Single) Drums
1991 Soul of a Renegade / View (Single) Drums


As Agathon Frosteus:
Drums (2007-2010)

2010 Unholy Conspiracy (Split) Drums

Corporal Punishment

As Ykä:

1991 Walls - The Doom (EP) Drums
1992 Profaned Relics Drums
1994 Into the Nerve of Pain Drums
1997 Stonefield of a Lifetime Drums

Gloomy Grim

Vocals, Keyboards (1995-2021), Drums (2001, 2007)

1996 Fuck the World, Kill the Jehova! (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards, Programming (as "Agathon Frosteus")
1997 Friendship Is Friendship, War Is War! (Demo) Vocals, Keyboards (as "Agathon Frosteus")
1998 Blood, Monsters, Darkness Vocals, Keyboards
2000 Born in Fire (Video) Vocals, Keyboards
2000 Life? Vocals, Keyboards
2001 Written in Blood Vocals, Keyboards, Drums
2004 The Grand Hammering Vocals, Keyboards
2007 Tapetum Lucidum (EP) Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
2008 Under the Spell of the Unlight Vocals, Keyboards
2011 Grim Fate (Single) Vocals
2014 Grimoire (Demo) All instruments
2016 The Age of Aquarius Keyboards, Vocals
2018 Obscure Metamorphosis (EP) Vocals, Keyboards
2021 Agathonomicon Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
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Drums (formerly Guitars) (1984-?)



1998 Promo 1998 (Demo) Drums
2001 Halla Drums


As Agathon "The Beast":
Drums, Vocals (1997-2022)

1997 Whitsongs Drums (as "Agathon Frosteus")
1997 Helkavirsiä, Promo 1997 (Demo) Drums
1999 Kalma Drums, Vocals (as "Agathon Frosteus")
2001 Elixir Mystica Drums, Vocals
2002 Into the Dark Vales of Death Drums, Vocals (as "Agathon the Beast")
2005 The Origins of the Paganblood Drums, Vocals (as "Agathon Frosteus")
2007 Pakana Drums (as "The Beast")
2010 March Butterfly (EP) Drums
2010 The Tuoni Pathway Drums, Vocals (choirs) (as "The Beast")

Thy Serpent

Drums, Vocals (backing) (1996-1999)

1996 Forests of Witchery Drums
1997 Lords of Twilight Drums (tracks 2, 4, 6), Keyboards (track 7)
1997 The Carpenter (Split) Drums
1998 Christcrusher Drums, Vocals (backing)


Drums (1996-2001, 2019-2022)

1997 War over Nordland (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2000 Firereich Drums
2023 Release the Beast Drums


As Ykä:

2017 Forgotten Acts of Aggression Drums (track 13)


2006 Voitettuani kuoleman Vocals (track 9)

Corporal Punishment

1991 Walls - The Doom (EP) Design (as "Ykä")

Gloomy Grim

1998 Blood, Monsters, Darkness Design, Cover art
1998 Reborn Through Hate (Compilation) Layout
2000 Born in Fire (Video) Director, Cover art
2000 Life? Lyrics, Cover art
2001 Written in Blood Layout, Lyrics, Cover art
2004 The Grand Hammering Lyrics
2014 Grimoire (Demo) Design
2021 Agathonomicon Design, Layout, Recording, Producer, Mixing, Mastering


2001 Tämä ikuinen talvi (Demo) Layout
2003 Tämä ikuinen talvi (Demo) Layout


2001 Halla Layout


1997 Whitsongs Design

Twilight Ophera

2006 Descension Recording, Engineering
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