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Adrian Erlandsson

Adrian Erlandsson

Real/full name:
Adrian Paul Erlandsson
53 (born Oct 27th, 1970)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Malmö, Skåne)


Erlandsson was born in Malmö, Sweden to a Romanian father and Swedish mother. He's the older brother of Daniel Erlandsson. They both grew up together in Sweden and started playing drums at a very young age but with Adrian's career beginning in 1981 at the age of 11 after getting his first drum kit, and started to play with friends began playing covers of classic rock songs. He got his brother ...


Older brother of Daniel Erlandsson. Married to Morrigan Hel.

At the Gates

Drums (1990-1996, 2007-2008, 2010-present)

1991 Gardens of Grief (Demo) Drums
1992 The Red in the Sky Is Ours Drums
1993 With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness Songwriting (track 1), Drums
1994 Terminal Spirit Disease Drums
1995 The Carnival Bizarre / Slaughter of the Soul (Split) Drums
1995 Slaughter of the Soul Drums (tracks 1-4, 6-11)
1996 Cursed to Tour (Split) Drums
2001 Gardens of Grief / In the Embrace of Evil (Split) Drums
2010 The Flames of the End (Video) Drums
2010 Purgatory Unleashed - Live at Wacken (Live album) Drums
2010 Live in Krakow (Live album) Drums
2014 At the Gates / Decapitated (Split) Drums
2014 At War with Reality (Single) Drums
2014 Death and the Labyrinth (Single) Drums
2014 At War with Reality Drums
2015 We Are Connected / Language of the Dead (Split) Drums
2018 To Drink from the Night Itself (Single) Drums
2018 A Stare Bound in Stone (Single) Drums
2018 Raped by the Light of Christ (2018) (Single) Drums
2018 Daggers of Black Haze (Single) Drums
2018 To Drink from the Night Itself Drums
2019 With the Pantheons Blind (EP) Drums
2019 The Mirror Black (EP) Drums
2021 Spectre of Extinction (Single) Drums
2021 The Paradox (Single) Drums
2021 The Fall into Time (Single) Drums
2021 The Nightmare of Being Drums, Percussion
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As The Swede:
Drums (2006-present)

The Haunted

Drums (1996-1999, 2013-present)

1997 Demo 1997 (Demo) Drums
1998 The Haunted Drums (as "Adrian")
2014 Eye of the Storm (EP) Drums
2014 Exit Wounds Drums
2017 Strength in Numbers Drums

The Lurking Fear

Drums (2016-present)

2017 The Lurking Fear (EP) Drums
2017 Out of the Voiceless Grave Drums
2021 Cosmic Macabre (Single) Drums
2021 Death Reborn (Single) Drums
2021 Death, Madness, Horror, Decay Drums

12 Ton Method

Drums (2004-?)

2005 Liszt (Single) Drums
2008 The Art of Not Falling (EP) Drums


As El Podrido:
Drums (2006-2014)

2008 Debilador (Single) Drums
2010 California über Aztlán (Single) Drums
2014 Ángel chilango (Single) Drums
2016 Viva presidente Trump! (Single) Drums (track 2) (as "Podrido")

Cradle of Filth

Drums (1999-2006)

2000 Her Ghost in the Fog / Dance Macabre (Single) Drums
2000 Midian Drums (as "Adrian")
2001 Bitter Suites to Succubi (EP) Drums (as "Adrian")
2001 Heavy Left-Handed & Candid (Video) Drums
2002 Lovecraft & Witch Hearts (Compilation) Drums (tracks 1, 4, 8, 11 (disc 1), 3, 6, 9-11 (disc 2))
2002 Live Bait for the Dead (Live album) Drums (as "Adrian")
2003 Babalon A.D. (So Glad for the Madness) (Single) Drums
2003 Damnation and a Day Drums (as "Adrian")
2003 Mannequin (Video) Drums
2004 Gilded Cunt / Medusa and Hemlock / Nymphetamine (Fix) (Single) Drums
2004 Nymphetamine Drums
2005 Devil Woman (Single) Drums
2005 Peace Through Superior Firepower (EP) Drums
2005 Peace Through Superior Firepower (Video) Drums
2006 Thornography Drums
2006 Thornographic (EP) Drums
2006 Temptation / Dirge Inferno (Single) Drums
2007 The Foetus of a New Day Kicking (Single) Drums
2007 Eleven Burial Masses (Live album) Drums (as "Adrian")
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Drums (1995-1996)




Drums (1994-1997)


Drums (2006)

2006 Ode To None (Single) Drums


Drums (2007-2010)

2007 Lighthouse Eternal (Laterna Magika) (EP) Drums
2008 The Ghost Collector Drums (tracks 1-9)
2009 Promo 2009 (Single) Drums
2010 Monument Black Colossal Drums


Drums (1998)

Paradise Lost

Drums (2009-2016)

2011 Draconian Times MMXI (Live album) Drums
2011 Draconian Times MMXI (Video) Drums
2012 Crucify (Single) Drums
2012 The Last Fallen Saviour (Single) Drums
2012 Tragic Idol Drums
2013 Tragic Illusion 25 (Compilation) Drums (tracks 1-4, 13, 14)
2013 Tragic Illusion Live at the Roundhouse, London (Live album) Drums
2015 The Plague Within Drums
2015 Symphony for the Lost (Live album) Drums
2020 Draconian Times MMXI (Single) Drums

Penance (Swe)

Drums (1988-?)


Drums (2016)

2016 Avarter (EP) Songwriting, Drums


Drums (1994-1997)


Drums (2007)

2009 Sovereign Drums (tracks 10, 11)


Drums (1994)

1994 Demo 1994 (Demo) Drums


Drums (2010-2017)

2011 Desecration (EP) Drums
2011 A Fragile King Drums
2014 Splinters Drums (as "Adrian")
2015 The Last of Our Kind (Single) Drums (as "Adrian")


As El Podrido:
Drums (2017)


Drums (2008)

Announce the Apocalypse

2021 Outbreak (Single) Drums
2021 Nefarious Means Drums


As El Podrido:

2016 Pocho Aztlán Drums (tracks 12, 13)

Cradle of Filth

As Adrian "At the Gates" Erlandsson:

1999 From the Cradle to Enslave (EP) Drums (track 2)


2020 Kaoteon Drums
2022 The Hunt for Life (Single) Drums
2022 The Oculus Eye (Single) Drums
2022 Cryptic Divinity (Single) Drums
2022 Neither God Nor Master (Single) Drums
2022 Neither God nor Master Drums
2023 Decrepitude (EP) Drums


2021 In Turbulence Drums


2013 Surgical Steel Photography (band)


2020 The Widow Black (Single) Recording (drums)
2021 Dress Code: Blood (Single) Recording (drums)
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