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Real/full name:
Tomaš Trombik
45 (born Jul 25th, 1978)
Place of birth:
Czechia (Nové Město (Karviná))


On Oldblood's first full-length, Possessed by Metal from Hell, Adamelech originally wrote the lyrics for "Heavy Metal Night" and "Death's Industries" although they have been later amended by the band.


Vocals (1996-present)

1998 Temná poselství dávných předků (Demo) Vocals
1999 Metal from Hell / Chrám Nenávisti (Split) Vocals
1999 Proti všem... (Split) Vocals
2001 Duch slovanské síly Vocals
2002 Live from the Woods (Live album) Vocals
2003 Acherontis Avari / Hrdi a silni (Split) Vocals
2003 Hrdi a silni / Satanic Martial Terror (Split) Vocals
2003 Scream of the Eastern Lands (Split) Vocals, Lyrics
2003 V návratu pohanství... Vocals
2004 Chrám nenávisti (EP) Vocals
2004 Legie nesmrtelných (EP) Vocals
2006 Sacrifice for Black Metal Magic / Flames of Torment (Split) Vocals
2006 Nikdy nepokřtěni Vocals
2007 Graveyard Smell / Messages Written in Blood (Split) Vocals
2008 Uctívání temné zuřivosti Vocals
2008 Infernal Belief (Split) Vocals
2008 Blood Poisoned by the Glorious Evil (Split) Vocals
2008 Live Plague... (Live album) Vocals
2009 United in Hell (Split) Vocals
2009 Black Devotion Vocals
2011 Live Plague... from the Woods (Compilation) Vocals
2013 Omniabsence Filled by His Greatness Vocals
2016 Live at Total War Festival (Live album) Vocals
2017 Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension and Involution) Vocals
2018 Zos Vel Thagirion (Split) Vocals
2021 Peklo na zemi / Temná poselství dávných předků (Compilation) Vocals
2021 Paradeigma (Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity) Vocals
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2008 Infernal Belief (Split) Vocals


1999 Metal from Hell / Chrám Nenávisti (Split) Lyrics, Logo
2008 Uctívání temné zuřivosti Producer
2008 Infernal Belief (Split) Lyrics


2010 Possessed by Metal from Hell Lyrics (tracks 3, 4)
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