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Adde Mitroulis

Adde Mitroulis

Real/full name:
Andreas Mitroulis
45 (born Sep 2nd, 1977)
Place of birth:
Sweden (Växjö, Kronoberg, Småland)


As Smattro Ansjovis:
Drums, Vocals (1992-present)

1994 The Butcherbitchtape (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1995 Demo of Hell (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1997 Fishfucked (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1998 We Were 7 Who 8... ...Our Neighbours on a Plate (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1998 Trip to the Grave (EP) Drums, Vocals
1999 Misery of the Defenceless / Do You Love Grind? pt: 2 (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Angry Insectbutcher")
1999 Wo-man?! / Morbid Jesus (Split) Drums, Vocals, Guitars (as "Nintendo Yoko-Ono")
2001 Alive Autopsy Drums, Vocals, Violin (as "Gorilla from Taiwan")
2001 The Dead / Birdflesh (Split) Drums, Vocals
2002 Night of the Ultimate Mosh Drums, Vocals, Violin (track 7), Guitars (acoustic) (track 17), Lyrics
2002 Carnage on the Fields of Rice (EP) Drums, Vocals
2002 Swedish Assault (Split) Drums, Vocals
2003 Catbomb / Untitled (Split) Drums, Vocals
2004 Killing Rosenkeller (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2004 Death Metal Karaoke / My Flesh Creeps at Insects (Split) Drums, Vocals, Violin
2004 Time to Face Extinction (Split) Drums, Vocals (as "Shogun Ansjovis")
2005 Live @ Giants of Grind (Live album) Drums, Vocals
2006 Taste of the Sun / In the Swamps You Rot (Split) Drums, Vocals
2006 Mongo Musicale Drums, Vocals
2007 Happy Fun Sumo Sandwich (Demo) Drums, Vocals
2007 Untitled / The Thing That Should Not Beak (Split) Drums, Vocals
2008 The Farmers' Wrath Drums, Vocals, Lyrics
2014 Cirkus Kristus / Untitled (Split) Drums, Vocals
2015 Nekroacropolis (Split) Drums, Vocals, Guitars (as "Gavros Saganakis")
2017 Birdflesh / Organ Dealer (Split) Drums, Vocals
2019 Extreme Graveyard Tornado Drums, Vocals
2021 All the Miseries (EP) Drums, Vocals (as "Andreas Pisser")
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Dead Beat

Drums (2018-present)

General Surgery

Drums, Vocals (backing) (2003-present)

2003 General Surgery / The County Medical Examiners (Split) Drums, Vocals (backing)
2004 Filth / General Surgery (Split) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Donaldo")
2004 General Surgery / Machetazo (Split) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Donaldo")
2005 Demo 2005 (Demo) Drums, Vocals (backing)
2006 Left Hand Pathology Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Andreas Mitroulis")
2009 General Surgery / Butcher ABC (Split) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Andreas Mitroulis")
2009 Corpus in Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dr. Mitroulis")
2012 Like an Ever Flying Limb (EP) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dr Mitroulis")
2017 General Surgery / Bodybag (Split) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dr Mitroulis")
2021 Lay Down and Be Counted (EP) Drums
2021 A Legendary Death (EP) Drums, Vocals (backing) (as "Dr. Mitroulis")
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Jigsore Terror

Drums, Vocals (2001-?)

2004 World End Carnage Drums, Vocals, Lyrics
2005 Jigsore Terror / Suppository (Split) Drums, Vocals


Vocals (2021-present)

2021 First World Anxiety (EP) Vocals
2022 Salvation Through Tyranny Vocals

Stormtroopers of Beer

Drums (2016-present)

Bacon Warriors

Drums, Vocals

1995 Killer Tomatoe (Demo) Vocals, Drums

Balkongen Brister



As Andreas Mitroulis:
Drums (1996-2003)

1997 Promo-97 (Demo) Drums
1997 Astral Serenity (Demo) Drums, Vocals (as "Adde")
1998 Breeding the Demonseed (Demo) Drums, Vocals (as "Adde")
1999 Survival of the Sickest Drums
2002 Steel Manufactured Death (Demo) Drums


Drums, Vocals (2010-2016)

2011 The Tomb Awaits Drums, Vocals, Lyrics
2013 Raging Death Drums, Vocals, Lyrics
2014 Entrails / Graveyard (Split) Drums, Vocals
2014 Berzerk (Single) Drums
2015 Obliteration Drums

Los Muertos





As Andreas Mitroulis:

2002 No More Tales (Demo) Drums
2004 King Arthurs Final Battle Bass (as "King Pellinore")





The Bullseye Dirt

Drums (2002-2003)


As Smattro Ansjovis:

2019 Rise of the Reaper Vocals (track 11)

Legio Occulta

As Addeath:

2011 The Cross Turned Upside Down (Demo) Vocals (track 4)


2006 Hafsutsikt (Demo) Drums
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