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Adam Kalmbach

Adam Kalmbach

Real/full name:
Adam Kalmbach
35 (born 1985)
Place of origin:
United States


Owner and operator of Jeshimoth Entertainment, and mastermind behind the prolific experimental black metal act Jute Gyte. For some years it was speculated that he was also behind a number of anonymous dungeon synth acts, including Abandoned Places, Mystic Towers and Erdstall. This has now been confirmed. There is also speculation that he is behind other projects such as Failure Ritual, Ophir and ...

Jute Gyte

Everything (2002-present)

2006 Apidya Everything
2007 Colossus of White Tar (Collaboration) Everything
2007 Where We Go When We (EP) Everything
2007 Arakan Everything
2008 Thanatron Everything
2008 It Was a Great Marvel That He Was in the Father Without Knowing Him (EP) Everything
2008 Old Ways Everything
2009 Subcon Everything
2009 Broken Door (EP) Everything
2010 Ghost Sickness Everything
2010 Young Eagle Everything
2010 Ritenour's Earth Everything
2011 Communicants Everything
2011 Verstiegenheit Everything
2011 Wounded Snake Everything
2011 Faunscan Everything
2011 Impermanence Everything
2012 Andreyev's "Lazarus" Everything
2012 Volplane Everything
2012 Isolation Everything
2012 Witzelsucht Everything
2012 Senescence Everything
2013 Noctis Labyrinthus Everything
2013 Metonym Everything
2013 Discontinuities Everything
2014 Vast Chains Everything
2014 Jute Gyte / Venowl (Split) Everything
2014 Ressentiment Everything
2015 Dialectics Everything
2015 The Night Door Under Lock and Key/Laocoön (EP) Everything
2015 Ship of Theseus Everything
2016 Perdurance Everything
2016 Jute Gyte / Ecferus (Split) Everything
2017 The Sparrow (EP) Everything
2017 Oviri Everything
2018 Helian (Split) Everything
2018 Penetralia Everything
2019 Birefringence Everything
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Abandoned Places

Everything (2011-2015)


Everything (2012-2013)

Fortress of Mystery

Everything (2013-2017)


Everything (2012)

Mystic Towers

Everything (2012-2016)


Everything (2012-2014)


Everything (2016-2017)


Everything (2012)

Jute Gyte

2016 Works and Days (Boxed set) Artwork
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