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Aaron Stainthorpe

Aaron Stainthorpe

Real/full name:
Aaron Stainthorpe
48 (born Nov 12th, 1968)
Place of origin:
United Kingdom

My Dying Bride

Vocals (1990-present)

1990 Towards the Sinister (Demo) Vocals (as "Aaron")
1991 Symphonaire Infernus et Spera Empyrium (EP) Vocals
1991 God Is Alone (Single) Vocals (as "Aaron")
1992 As the Flower Withers Vocals
1993 Unreleased Bitterness (Single) Vocals
1993 The Thrash of Naked Limbs (EP) Vocals (as "Aaron")
1993 Turn Loose the Swans Vocals (as "Aaron")
1994 The Sexuality of Bereavement (Single) Vocals
1994 I Am the Bloody Earth (EP) Vocals
1995 The Angel and the Dark River Vocals
1995 Trinity (Compilation) Vocals
1996 Live in Kracow '96 (Split video) Vocals (as "Aaron")
1996 Like Gods of the Sun Vocals
1997 For Darkest Eyes (Video) Vocals
1998 34.788%... Complete Vocals (as "Aaron")
1999 The Light at the End of the World Vocals (as "Aaron")
2001 The Dreadful Hours Vocals (as "Aaron")
2002 The Voice of the Wretched (Live album) Vocals
2004 Songs of Darkness, Words of Light Vocals
2005 Sinamorata (Video) Vocals
2006 Deeper Down (Single) Vocals
2006 A Line of Deathless Kings Vocals (as "Aaron")
2008 An Ode to Woe (Live album) Vocals
2009 For Lies I Sire Vocals
2009 Bring Me Victory (EP) Vocals
2011 Evinta Vocals
2011 The Barghest o' Whitby (EP) Vocals
2012 A Map of All Our Failures Vocals
2013 The Manuscript (EP) Vocals
2015 Hollow Cathedra (Single) Vocals
2015 Feel the Misery Vocals
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Sailors with Wax Wings



2006 God Has a Plan for Us All Vocals (track 9)


As AZ:

1996 Interface Vocals (Track 4)


2008 Prophecies of Doom (Demo) Artwork


1995 The Payment (EP) Artwork

Hortus Animae

2014 Godless Years (Compilation) Cover art

My Dying Bride

1993 The Thrash of Naked Limbs (EP) Cover art, Photography
1993 Turn Loose the Swans Cover art, Photography, Layout (as "Aaron")
1994 I Am the Bloody Earth (EP) Cover art, Layout
1994 The Stories (Boxed set) Artwork
1995 The Angel and the Dark River Cover art, Photography (as "Aaron")
2000 Meisterwerk 1 (Compilation) Artwork
2001 Meisterwerk 2 (Compilation) Artwork
2001 The Dreadful Hours Artwork
2011 Evinta Cover Art, Producer
2011 The Barghest o' Whitby (EP) Artwork
2013 The Manuscript (EP) Artwork
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2010 Nevertanezra (EP) Cover art
2011 NTNR Cover art


2007 Days of Wrath Cover art
2007 Days of Wrath Cover art
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