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Aaron Doust

Aaron Doust

Real/full name:
Aaron Doust
37 (born Oct 15th, 1982)
Place of origin:
Australia (Western Australia)


Currently resides in Tasmania.

Celestial Swarm


2019 I, Catalcysm (EP) Bass

Cthulhu Rites

As A.D. Nyarlath:
Bass (2016-present)

2017 Acheront bezkształtnego diabelstwa (EP) Bass
2018 Black Oath Rites (Split) Bass


Guitars, Bass, Programming

2017 Virulent Humanity (EP) Guitars, Bass, Programming


As Cryptus:
Guitars, Bass

2017 Miasmatic Exhalations (Demo) Guitars, Bass
2019 Lunar Emanations of Haunted Shrines (Split) Guitars, Bass


Guitars, Bass and Drum Programming (2017-present)

2019 Engulfed in Motherslug Muculence Guitars, Bass and Drum Programming

Starlit Woods

As Cryptus:
Bass (2016-present)

2016 Zamarznięte cienie nocy (Demo) Bass
2017 The Darkening Moon's Nightmares (Split) Bass
2019 Płonące sarkofagi gwiazd (Demo) Bass


Guitars, Bass, Drum programming

Torture Inc.

As Aaron:
Guitars, Bass, Programming

2015 The Witness Abduction Program (EP) Guitars, Bass, Programming
2016 Exterminating the Wretched (EP) Guitars, Bass, Programming

Cmentarny Zew

As Cryptus:
Bass (2016-2017)

2017 W posępnych mogił kręgu (Demo) Bass
2019 Winter Ruins in Howling Mist (Split) Bass

Manic Demise

Guitars, Bass, Drum programming

2014 The Bitter Blood of Brutality (EP) Guitars, Bass, Drum programming


2017 Virulent Humanity (EP) Mixing


2017 Miasmatic Exhalations (Demo) Mixing (as "Cryptus")
2019 Lunar Emanations of Haunted Shrines (Split) Mixing (as "Cryptus")

Torture Inc.

2015 The Witness Abduction Program (EP) Mixing (as "Aaron")
2016 Exterminating the Wretched (EP) Mixing (as "Aaron")
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