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Aad Kloosterwaard

Aad Kloosterwaard

Real/full name:
Adrie Kloosterwaard
52 (born Jan 15th, 1967)
Place of origin:


Married to Aleša Šare.


Drums (1988-2003), Vocals (2005-present)

1990 Where Is Your God Now...? (Split) Drums
1990 Perpetual Damnation (Demo) Drums
1990 Putrefying Remains / Spiritual Immolation (Single) Drums
1991 Sacramental Carnage (Demo) Drums
1991 Sinister / Monastery (Split) Drums
1991 Sinister (EP) Drums
1992 Promo EP I (Split) Drums
1992 Cross the Styx Drums
1993 Diabolical Summoning Drums
1995 Hate Drums (as "Aad")
1996 Where Dead Angels Lie / Bastard Saints (Split) Drums
1996 Bastard Saints (EP) Drums
1998 Aggressive Measures Drums (as "Aad")
2001 Creative Killings Drums (as "Aad")
2003 Savage or Grace Drums
2006 Afterburner Vocals (as "Aad")
2006 Prophecies Denied (Video) Vocals
2008 The Silent Howling Vocals
2010 Legacy of Ashes Vocals
2012 The Carnage Ending Vocals (as "Adrie Kloosterwaard")
2014 The Post-Apocalyptic Servant Vocals
2014 The Unborn Dead (EP) Vocals
2015 Dark Memorials Vocals
2017 Syncretism Vocals
2017 Gods of the Abyss (EP) Vocals
2018 Hammer Smashed Face / Catatonia (Split) Drums, Vocals
(show all)

Voracious Scourge

Vocals (2017-present)

2018 Our Demise (EP) Vocals (as "Adrie Kloosterwaard")

Weapons to Hunt

As Adrie Kloosterwaard:
Vocals (2008-present)

2012 Blessed in Sin Vocals

Absurd Universe

As Adrie Kloosterwaard:
Vocals (2010-?)

2011 Habeas Corpus Vocals



2005 Glorified Vocals
2005 Promo (Demo) Vocals

Godly Beings

Vocals (1994-?)

1996 Punishment (Demo) Vocals


Drums (1997-2004)

1998 Promo '98 (Demo) Drums
1998 Houwitser / Professional Sometimes Goes Off Arm Too (Split) Drums
1999 Death... but Not Buried Drums (as "Aad")
2000 Embrace Damnation Drums (as "Aad")
2001 March to Die (Single) Drums (as "Aad")
2002 Rage Inside the Womb Drums (as "Aad")
2003 Damage Assessment Drums (as "Aad")

Infinited Hate


2003 Primitive Butchery (Demo) Vocals (Effect) (as "Aad")
2004 Revel in Bloodshed Vocals (effect)
2005 Heaven Termination Vocals
2007 Orchestra of Sickness Vocals



1991 Ripping Terror (Demo) Drums, Vocals
1991 Sinister / Monastery (Split) Vocals (growls), Drums
1992 The Process - Church of the Final Judgement (EP) Vocals (growls), Drums (as "Aad")
1992 Mutilate the Corpse / In Partibus Infidelium (Split) Vocals (growls), Drums

No Face Slave

Vocals (2003-2005)

Supreme Pain

Vocals (2006-2012)

2006 Lifeless Skin and Bones (Demo) Vocals
2008 Cadaver Pleasures Vocals
2009 Nemesis Enforcer Vocals
2011 Divine Incarnation Vocals (as "Adrie Kloosterwaard")


Drums (1999-2001)

2000 Angelic Encounters Drums


As A. Kloosterwaard:

2009 Creaturegore Vocals (additional) (track 2)


As Adrie Kloosterwaard:

2017 Apotheosis of War Vocals (track 2)


As Adrie Kloosterwaard:

2019 Death Metal Drunks Vocals (track 1)


2009 Onward to Destroy Vocals (track 3)

Infidel Reich

2019 Reichenstein Vocals (additional)


2014 At the Plateaus of Leng Vocals (track 3)
2016 As Dystopia Beckons Vocals (lead) (track 7) (as "Adrie Kloosterwaard")


2017 The Art of Sickness Vocals (guest) (track 6)


As Aad:

1993 No Memory Shall Live Forever (Demo) Vocals (backing) (track 2)


2005 Glorified Cover art, Layout


2016 As Dystopia Beckons Lyrics (track 7) (as "Adrie Kloosterwaard")
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