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Keijo Niinimaa

Keijo Niinimaa

Real/full name:
Keijo Niinimaa
49 (born 1971)
Place of origin:
Finland (Vaasa)

Age of Woe

Guitars (2019-present)




As Kaos:
Guitars, Vocals

2019 Extreme Conditions Guitars, Vocals

Morbid Evils

Vocals, Guitars

2014 In Hate (Single) Vocals, Guitars
2015 In Hate with the Burning World Vocals, Guitars
2017 Deceases Vocals, Guitars

Rotten Sound

As G:
Vocals (1993-present)

1994 Sick Bastard (EP) Vocals
1995 Psychotic Veterinarian (EP) Vocals
1996 Loosin' Face (EP) Vocals
1997 Splitted Alive (Split) Vocals
1997 Live in Nummirock '999 (Video) Vocals
1997 Under Pressure Vocals
1999 Drain Vocals, Lyrics
2000 Still Psycho (EP) Vocals
2001 8 Hours of Lobotomy / Wrath (Split) Vocals (as "Keijo")
2002 Murderworks Vocals
2002 Seeds of Hate / Crap (Split) Vocals
2003 Under Pressure / Drain (Compilation) Vocals (as "Keijo Bagge")
2004 Murderlive (Video) Vocals
2005 Exit Vocals
2006 Consume to Contaminate (EP) Vocals
2008 Rotten Sound: EP (EP) Vocals
2008 Cycles Vocals
2010 Napalm (EP) Vocals
2011 Curses (EP) Vocals
2011 Cursed Vocals
2013 Species at War (EP) Vocals
2016 Abuse to Suffer Lyrics, Vocals
2018 Suffer to Abuse (EP) Vocals
(show all)


Vocals (lead) (2007-2014)

2008 Cult Vocals (lead)
2011 Abandon All Vocals
2013 Iconoclastic Vocals (lead)



2000 Uttervoid (EP) Guitars


As Keijo Bagge:

1991 Expecto Resurrectionem Mortuorum (Demo) Vocals
1992 Flesheater Musicians on Their Last Supper (EP) Vocals
1993 Head Tales (EP) Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics
1995 A Leftover Vocals


Vocals (2012)


2012 Global Flatline Vocals (track 11)

Cannibal Accident

2012 Omnivorous Vocals (tracks 3, 5, 8)


2006 Mimic47 Vocals (backing)
2008 Icaros Vocals (backing)
2015 Silvër Horizon Vocals (backing)

Machine Men

2007 Circus of Fools Vocals (backing) (track 1)


2002 Odotus Vocals


As K. Bagge:

1999 Celestial Mechanics Vocals (additional)

Total Devastation

As G:

2005 Reclusion Vocals (additional) (track 2, 7)


2018 Wounded & Deserted Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Morbid Evils

2015 In Hate with the Burning World Producer, Cover concept, Mixing
2015 Abacinated and Blind (Live album) Mixing, Mastering
2017 Deceases Producer, Recording, Mixing


2018 Syvyys Mastering

Rotten Sound

1994 Sick Bastard (EP) Cover art (as "Keijo Niinimaa (G)")
1999 Drain Artwork (Booklet) (as "Keijo Niinimaa (G)")
2000 Still Psycho (EP) Artwork, Layout
2002 Murderworks Layout (as "G")
2002 Seeds of Hate / Crap (Split) Mixing, Mastering, Layout (as "G")
2005 Exit Lyrics (as "G")
2016 Abuse to Suffer Recording (vocals), Editing (vocals)


2017 The Holy Mountain (EP) Mastering
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