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King Diamond

King Diamond

Real/full name:
Kim Bendix Petersen
63 (born Jun 14th, 1956)
Place of origin:
Denmark (Copenhagen)


Is a vocalist, producer, mixer, keyboardist and former guitarist.

Best known to be the front man of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond.


King Diamond took heavy inspiration from David Byron from Uriah Heep when it came to his vocals. He's called Byron "the ultimate singer", and the inspiration for his vocals can be heard on tracks such as "Bird of Prey" and "Shadows of Grief". King mentioned this in an interview with in 2006.

On stage, King Diamond uses a microphone handle consisting of a femur bone and a tibia bone ...

King Diamond

Vocals, Keyboards (1985-present)

1985 Demo (Demo) Vocals
1985 No Presents for Christmas (Single) Vocals
1986 Coven Fan Club Exclusive Interview (Single) Voice
1986 Fatal Portrait Vocals, Guitars (track 8)
1986 Halloween (Single) Vocals
1987 The Family Ghost (Single) Vocals
1987 Abigail Vocals
1988 "Them" Vocals
1989 Conspiracy Vocals
1990 The Eye Vocals, Keyboards
1990 In Concert 1987: Abigail (Live album) Vocals
1995 The Spider's Lullabye Vocals, Keyboards, Harpsichord
1996 The Graveyard Vocals, Keyboards
1998 Voodoo Vocals, Keyboards, Harpsichord, Organ
1999 Massacre's Classix Shape Edition (Compilation) Vocals, Keyboards
2000 House of God Vocals, Keyboards
2002 Abigail II: The Revenge Vocals, Keyboards, Strings, Harpsichord
2003 The Puppet Master Vocals, Keyboards
2004 Deadly Lullabyes Live (Live album) Vocals
2007 Give Me Your Soul... Please Vocals, Keyboards
2019 Songs for the Dead Live (Video) Vocals, Keyboards
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Mercyful Fate

Vocals (1981-1985, 1993-1999, 2008, 2011, 2019-present)

1981 Demo 1981 (Demo) Vocals
1981 Demo #1 (Demo) Vocals
1981 Demo #2 (Demo) Vocals
1981 Burning the Cross (Demo) Vocals
1982 Mercyful Fate (EP) Vocals
1983 Melissa Vocals
1983 Black Masses (Single) Vocals
1984 Don't Break the Oath Vocals, Keyboards
1987 The Beginning (Compilation) Vocals
1992 Return of the Vampire (Compilation) Vocals (all tracks)
1992 A Dangerous Meeting (Split) Vocals
1993 Egypt (Single) Vocals
1993 In the Shadows Vocals
1994 The Bell Witch (EP) Vocals
1994 Time Vocals, Keyboards, Harpsichord
1996 Into the Unknown Vocals
1998 Dead Again Vocals
1999 The Curse of Evil (Compilation) Vocals
1999 9 Vocals
2009 Evil (Single) Vocals
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Vocals (1974-1976)


Vocals (1981)

Danger Zone


1981 Demo (Demo) Vocals
1982 Demo II (Demo) Vocals

Roadrunner United

Vocals, Lyrics (2005)


As Masthema Mazziqim:

2001 Tara Vocals

Cradle of Filth

2005 Nymphetamine Vocals (additional) (track 1 [disc 2])
2005 Devil Woman (Single) Vocals


2004 Probot Vocals (lead) (track 11)


2007 World Circus Track 22


2000 Necronemesis Vocals (track 4)

King Diamond

1985 No Presents for Christmas (Single) Producer
1986 Fatal Portrait Producer
1986 Halloween (Single) Producer
1987 The Family Ghost (Single) Producer
1987 Abigail Producer
1988 "Them" Producer, Mixing
1988 The Dark Sides (Compilation) Producer
1989 Conspiracy Producer, Mixing
1990 Eye of the Witch (Single) Producer
1990 The Eye Producer, Mixing
1990 In Concert 1987: Abigail (Live album) Producer
1995 The Spider's Lullabye Producer, Mixing, Music (1, 3-5, 7-9)
1996 The Graveyard Producer, Mixing
1998 Voodoo Producer, Mixing, Digital editing, Mastering
2000 House of God Producer, Mixing
2002 Abigail II: The Revenge Producer, Mixing
2003 The Best of King Diamond (Compilation) Producer
2003 The Puppet Master Producer, Mastering, Mixing
2004 King Diamond Platinum Edition (Boxed set) Producer
2004 Deadly Lullabyes Live (Live album) Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Post Production Engineering
2007 Give Me Your Soul... Please Producer, Mixing, Mastering
2012 The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1986-1990 (Boxed set) Producer
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Mercyful Fate

1993 Egypt (Single) Producer
1993 In the Shadows Producer, Mixing
1994 The Bell Witch (EP) Mixing, Producer
1994 Time Producer, Mixing, Lyrics, Music (tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 8)
1996 Into the Unknown Producer, Mixing
1998 Dead Again Mastering, Mixing
2009 Evil (Single) Producer, Mixing, Layout
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