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Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen

Real/full name:
Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen Cabuli
41 (born Aug 17th, 1977)
Place of origin:
Finland (Kitee)


Married to MIC

Other collaborations/releases:
- Romeo ja Julia tape/CD, 1995
- Anssi Tikanmäen Yhtye - Perinteinen Pop-levy, 2001
- Martin Kesici - Leaving You for Me, 2005
- Schiller - Tag und Nacht, 2005
- Noche Escandinava II - A Finnish Evening from Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 24th 2004 (available in limited copies only through Tarja's website), 2005
- Tarja Turunen & Harus - In ...


Vocals (2011-present)

Noche Escandinava

Vocals (2002-present)


Vocals (2011-present)

Raskasta Joulua

Vocals (2017-present)

2017 Raskasta Joulua IV Vocals (tracks 11, 12)


Vocals, Piano (2004-present)

2004 One Angel's Dream (Single) Vocals, Piano
2004 Yhden enkelin unelma (Single) Vocals
2006 Henkäys ikuisuudesta Vocals
2006 You Would Have Loved This (Single) Vocals
2007 I Walk Alone (Single Version) (Single) Vocals, Piano
2007 I Walk Alone (Artist Version) (Single) Vocals, Piano
2007 My Winter Storm Vocals, Piano
2008 Die Alive (Single) Vocals, Piano
2008 The Seer (EP) Vocals, Piano
2009 Enough (Single) Vocals
2009 Maailman kauneimmat joululaulut (Single) Vocals
2010 Falling Awake (Single) Vocals
2010 I Feel Immortal (Single) Vocals, Piano
2010 Until My Last Breath (Single) Vocals, Piano
2010 What Lies Beneath Piano (track 10), Vocals (lead, backing)
2011 Underneath (Single) Vocals, Piano
2012 Into the Sun (Single) Vocals, Piano
2012 Act I (Live album) Vocals, Piano
2013 Never Enough (Single) Vocals
2013 Victim of Ritual (Single) Vocals
2013 Colours in the Dark Vocals, Piano (track 5)
2013 500 Letters (Single) Vocals
2014 Left in the Dark (Compilation) Vocals, Piano (track 5)
2015 Luna Park Ride (Video) Vocals, Piano
2015 Ave Maria - en Plein Air Vocals
2016 The Brightest Void (EP) Vocals, Piano
2016 The Shadow Self Vocals, Keyboards (track 2), Piano (tracks 4, 6)
2016 Innocence (EP) Vocals, Piano
2016 Demons in You (Single) Vocals, Keyboards
2017 An Empty Dream (EP) Vocals, Piano (as "Tarja")
2017 From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas) Vocals
2017 Feliz navidad (Single) Vocals
2018 Love to Hate (Live in London) (Single) Vocals
2018 Act II (Live album) Vocals (as "Tarja")
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Vocals (1996-2005)

1996 Demo (Demo) Vocals
1997 Angels Fall First Vocals
1997 The Carpenter (Split) Vocals
1998 Sacrament of Wilderness (Split) Vocals
1998 Oceanborn Vocals (lead)
1999 Walking in the Air (Single) Vocals
1999 Sleeping Sun (4 Ballads of the Eclipse) (EP) Vocals
2000 Wishmaster Vocals
2000 Deep Silent Complete (Single) Vocals
2001 Over the Hills and Far Away (EP) Vocals
2001 Wishmastour 2000 (Compilation) Vocals
2001 From Wishes to Eternity (Live album) Vocals
2002 Bless the Child (Single) Vocals
2002 Century Child Vocals
2002 Ever Dream (Single) Vocals
2004 Nemo (Single) Vocals
2004 Once Vocals
2004 Wish I Had an Angel (Single) Vocals
2004 Tales from the Elvenpath (Compilation) Vocals
2004 Kuolema tekee taiteilijan (Single) Vocals (lead)
2005 Bestwishes (Compilation) Vocals
2005 The Siren (Single) Vocals
2005 Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish (Compilation) Vocals
2005 Sleeping Sun (Single) Vocals
2006 End of an Era (Live album) Vocals
2011 Walking in the Air - The Greatest Ballads (Compilation) Vocals
2014 The Three Goddesses (Split) Vocals
2018 Decades (An Archive of Song 1996-2015) (Compilation) Vocals (CD1 tracks 8, 9; CD2)
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As Susana Asspera:
Vocals (2015)


2013 Angels Cry: 20th Anniversary Tour (Live album) Vocals (tracks 10, 11)
2013 Angels Cry: 20th Anniversary Tour (Video) Vocals (tracks 14, 15)


As Susanna Asspera:

2018 Live in Villa la Verga (Live album) Vocals (track 5)

Beto Vazquez Infinity

2001 Battle of Valmourt (EP) Vocals (backing) (track 2)
2001 Beto Vazquez Infinity Vocals (lead and backing) (tracks 1, 4), Vocals (backing) (tracks 2, 10, 11)
2002 Wizard (EP) Vocals (tracks 2, 4 (Russian version))


2009 Fear No Evil Vocals (track 7)
2010 25 Years in Rock... and Still Going Strong (Live album) Vocals (DVD1 track 17)


2015 Aún sigo latiendo Vocals (track 11)

Nuclear Blast Allstars

2007 Into the Light Vocals (track 10)


2010 Sting in the Tail Vocals (track 4)


1999 Evankeliumi (Video) Vocals

Within Temptation

2013 Paradise (What About Us?) (EP) Vocals (track 1)
2014 Hydra Vocals (track 4)


2004 One Angel's Dream (Single) Producer
2004 Yhden enkelin unelma (Single) Co-Producer
2010 Falling Awake (Single) Producer
2010 I Feel Immortal (Single) Producer
2010 Until My Last Breath (Single) Producer
2010 What Lies Beneath Producer
2013 Victim of Ritual (Single) Producer (as "Tarja")
2013 Colours in the Dark Producer
2014 Left in the Dark (Compilation) Producer (as "Tarja")
2015 Ave Maria - en Plein Air Producer
2016 The Brightest Void (EP) Executive producer, Producer
2016 The Shadow Self Producer, Executive producer
2016 Demons in You (Single) Producer
2017 An Empty Dream (EP) Executive producer (as "Tarja")
2017 From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas) Art direction, Producer
2017 Feliz navidad (Single) Producer, Art direction (as "Tarja")
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