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Tomasz Pukacki

Tomasz Pukacki

Real/full name:
Tomasz Pukacki
51 (born Aug 9th, 1967)
Place of origin:
Poland (Poznań)


Also play as guest with Nagły Atak Spawacza on album "Brat Juzef" in 1996.


Father of Maxx Alexx Pukacki.

Acid Drinkers

As Titus:
Vocals, Bass (1986-present)

1989 Demo (Demo) Vocals, Bass
1990 Are You a Rebel? Bass, Vocals
1991 Dirty Money, Dirty Tricks Vocals, Bass
1992 Strip Tease Vocals, Bass
1993 Vile Vicious Vision Vocals, Bass
1994 Fishdick Vocals, Bass
1994 Infernal Connection Vocals, Bass
1995 Acid Drinkers 1985 / 3 Version 4 Yonash (EP) Vocals
1996 Walkway to Heaven (Single) Vocals, Bass
1996 Pump the Plastic Heart (Single) Bass, vocals
1996 The State of Mind Report Guitars (track 9), Vocals, Bass
1998 High Proof Cosmic Milk Vocals, Bass
1998 Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!! (Live album) Vocals, Bass
1999 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Single) Vocals, Bass
1999 Amazing Atomic Activity Vocals, Bass
2000 Broken Head Vocals, Bass
2002 Acidofilia Vocals, Bass
2004 Rock Is Not Enough Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
2006 The Hand That Rocks the Coffin (Video) Vocals, Bass
2008 Verses of Steel Vocals, Bass
2010 Fishdick zwei - The Dick Is Rising Again Vocals, Bass
2012 La Part du Diable Vocals, Bass
2014 25 Cents for a Riff Vocals, Bass
2016 Peep Show Vocals, Bass
(show all)

Anti Tank Nun

As Titus:
Bass (2011-2015), Vocals (2011-present)

2012 Hang'em High Vocals, Bass
2013 Fire Follow Me Vocals, Bass
2017 Permanent Erection Vocals, Bass

Titus Tommy Gunn

As Titus:
Vocals, Bass (2009-2012)

2009 La Peneratica Svavolya Vocals, Bass

Albert Rosenfield

Bass, Vocals


As Titus:
Bass (1993-1994), Vocals (1993-1994)

Homo Twist


Virgin Snatch

Bass (2003-2006)

2003 Altering Theory (Single) Bass
2003 S.U.C.K. Bass (as "Titus")
2005 Deprived of Dignity (Single) Bass
2005 Art of Lying Bass (as "Titus")


As Tomasz "Titus" Pukacki:

2009 Evilution Vocals at "Supernature's Queen"


2007 Pumpernikel Vocals


As Titus:

1994 Ruthless Kick Vocals (additional)


As Titus:

2005 Enemigo Vocals (track 3)


As Titus:

2013 Bitch, Poverty, Hell Vocals in "Phobia"

Acid Drinkers

1998 Varran Strikes Back - Alive!!! (Live album) Producer (as "Titus")
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