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Blood Must Be Shed


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Red vinyl, Reissue
Back on Black
12" vinyl
9 reviews (avg. 87%)
Side A
1. Mental Orgasm 02:54   Show lyrics
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2. Bloodsoil 02:25  
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Side B
3. Warfare 05:35   Show lyrics
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4. Total Warfare (Sea Serpent Remix) 05:57  
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Original line-up
Band members
Samoth Guitars, Bass
Ihsahn Keyboards
Aldrahn Vocals
Frost Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Faust Lyrics
Original line-up
Samoth Guitars, Bass
Ihsahn Keyboards
Aldrahn Vocals
Frost Drums
Original line-up
Faust Lyrics
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LP edition under license from Nocturnal Art Productions.

The soundclips on the track "Warfare" are taken from Bob Larson's show "Talk Back" with Boyd Rice as a guest.


Barcode: 803341232792

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