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Live in the House

Zuul Fx

Live album
Release date:
June 25th, 2009
Catalog ID:
8 Machine
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1. Intro: Dead Can Dance  
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2. Here Is Pure Hatred 04:43   Show lyrics
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3. Fight for the Cause 03:41   Show lyrics
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4. Nothing Is Real 04:00   Show lyrics
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5. Hate Me = Bastard 03:27   Show lyrics
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6. I Never Forget 03:58   Show lyrics
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7. Cabal 03:57   Show lyrics
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8. Get Away 03:47   Show lyrics
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9. Help Me 03:41   Show lyrics
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10. Fuck Them All 02:27   Show lyrics
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11. Behind the Light 03:36   Show lyrics
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12. Demanufacture (Fear Factory cover) 04:39   Show lyrics
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13. I 8 U 03:40   Show lyrics
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14. Everything Is Shit (previously unreleased) 04:11   instrumental
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15. Easy to Tell (demo version) 03:07   instrumental
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16. Walk like an Egyptian (demo version) (The Bangles cover) 02:44   Instrumental
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Includes a DVD:
"Live in the House": 90-minute film with all the tracks from the CD, with interviews, making of the clips, tour reports, rehearsals...

"Live in the House": 30-minute film: the band on Tour, rehearsing, jokes, after parties & live shows from around Europe.

"Zuul Fx à la Réunion": 8-minute film from their trip to the Reunion Island in October 2008.

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