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Ysigim > Whispers > 2012, Digital, Independent
Ysigim - Whispers
Ysigim discography (all)
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Release date:
December 30th, 2012
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Whispers 04:44   instrumental
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2. Bringing Eternal 05:12   Show lyrics
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3. My Eyes Fail in the Dark 07:01   Show lyrics
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4. A Wilderness like Eden 03:28   instrumental
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5. Loneliness 06:23   Show lyrics
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6. Self-Blessing 06:39   Show lyrics
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7. Sleepness 04:50   instrumental
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8. Journey into Nephesh 05:38   instrumental
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9. Rain 06:23  
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10. Silent 04:39  
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11. Moon Goddess + Anything (Outro) 05:19  
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Original line-up
Band members
Marcin Kowalski Drums
Marcin Rusinowski Vocals, Guitars
Original line-up
Marcin Kowalski Drums
Marcin Rusinowski Vocals, Guitars
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Tracks 2-7 from "Ain Soph Or"
Tracks 9-11 from "Live Jak'em Troll"

Ain Soph Or was recorded in line-up:
Marcin Rusinowski (guitars and vocals)
Marcin Kowalski (drums and back vocals)

Live recording during Jak’em Troll festival:
Marcin Rusinowski – lead guitar and vocal
Adam Hertel – rhytm guitar
Wojtek Kuśmierski – bass
Marcin Kowalski – drums

Recording information:

"Ain Soph Or" was recorded in Mortem Studio in Warsaw in August 1993, then remastered by Robert Brylewski in the studio Golden Rock in the last days of December 1993.
Live recording from the festival Jak'em Troll in Ostołęka 18 March 1995 year.

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