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Mega Brutal Live


Release date:
July 14th, 2009
Catalog ID:
古式 Records
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1. Crushing Subhuman Feces  
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2. I Wish I Had a 9 Year Old Sister to Constantly Fuck  
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3. Katie Assraced Down the Stairs (And Blamed It on Cupcakes)  
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4. Nicole Grew Boobs and I Think Its Fucking Rad  
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5. Sexual Paranoia and Violence  
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6. BloodLust (Retaliation cover)  
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7. Loud Noisy Women (Retaliation cover)  
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8. Attack of the Fecal Demons (Retaliation cover)  
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9. Slaughter of God (Wervolf cover)  
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10. Rock You Like a Hurricane (Scorpions cover)  
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Tracks 1-4 Line Up:
Evil Lolikon - Drums/Vocals
Harry Sinn - Guitar/Noise

Track 5 Line Up:
Evil Lolikon - Vocals
Harry Sinn - Guitar/Noise
Rinda - Drums

Tracks 6-10 Line Up:
Evil Lolikon - Guitar/Vocals
Rinda - Drums

Youkai\'s First Show Live In Staten Island, New York @ The Cup May 16th 2009. Filmed by Snow Woman of 古式 Records.

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