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Yellow Machinegun > "Split"
Yellow Machinegun - "Split"
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Yellow Machinegun / Abnormals

Release date:
February 23rd, 2000
Catalog ID:
Rotten Orange
None yet
1. Yellow Machinegun - My Eyes Under the Sands 02:05  
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2. Abnormals - Jerk Man 02:18  
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3. Yellow Machinegun - Your Light, Your Shadow 01:34  
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4. Abnormals - 狼煙 (Noroshi) 05:59  
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5. Yellow Machinegun - Parasite (Abnormals cover) 02:13  
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6. Abnormals - Why? (Yellow Machinegun cover) 01:34  
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7. Abnormals - Stand Back from the Gates 〜 Vicious to Heaven 04:16  
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8. Yellow Machinegun - T.D.O.I.C. 03:14  
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Yellow Machinegun
Kaori Okumura Vocals, Bass
Tamami Okado Drums
Kyoko Moriya Guitars
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Released by Howling Bull Entertainment, Inc. / Rotten Orange / Spider Records as CD in slim case (cat. # HWCA-1030).

Last two tracks performed as mixed band, entitled as Ab Machinegun (with Comi from Abnormals on vocals) for "Stand Back from the Gates ~ Vicious to Heaven", and Yellowmals (with Kaori from YMG on vocals) for " T.D.O.I.C."

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