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Yellow Eyes > Silence Threads the Evening's Cloth
Yellow Eyes - Silence Threads the Evening's Cloth
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Yellow Eyes / Monvment

Silence Threads the Evening's Cloth

Yellow Eyes

Release date:
January 27th, 2012
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Sol y Nieve
100 copies
1 review (avg. 32%)
Side A
1. Guilt Lingers at Sunrise 03:00   instrumental
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2. My Candle Is Gone but I Do Not Move 06:23   Show lyrics
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3. Dry Stone at Field's Edge 00:33   instrumental
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4. No More Than a Soaked Plank 04:58   Show lyrics
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5. Warm Lake Under a Lifeless Sky 00:56   instrumental
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Side B
6. Silence Threads the Evening's Cloth 05:57   Show lyrics
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7. Meadow Withdrawn 01:07   instrumental
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8. Rotted Wheat 06:54   Show lyrics
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9. Cathedral 04:43   instrumental
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JC Drums
SS Guitars
Will Skarstad Guitars, Vocals
Read Liver failure istn't krieg 32% iamntbatman December 6th, 2014

Pro-dubbed black c38 with label in traditional plastic case with j-card. 4" x 6" patch sewn around the case. Limited edition of 100.

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