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Brutal Obscenity / Xyster > Brutal Obscenity / Xyster
Brutal Obscenity / Xyster - Brutal Obscenity / Xyster

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Xyster discography (all)
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Brutal Obscenity / Xyster

Brutal Obscenity / Xyster

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C.C.G. Underground Records
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1. Brutal Obscenity - God Is a Fairytale  
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2. Brutal Obscenity - Defensor Minor  
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3. Brutal Obscenity - No More Feelings Left  
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4. Brutal Obscenity - Hangover D.D.D.  
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5. Brutal Obscenity - The Overtaking  
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6. Xyster - Black Bible  
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7. Xyster - Sentenced by Pilate  
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8. Xyster - Blood Hymn  
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9. Xyster - Die on the Cross  
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10. Xyster - Massacre of the Priests  
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Brutal Obscenity
Ernst van Baak Bass
Ben Humpig Guitars
Louis Melger Guitars
Kees Klomp Vocals
Emiel Hannink Drums
Richard Taylor Bass
Paul Roberts Drums
Steve Hatton Guitars, Vocals
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Consists of Brutal Obscenity's "Sorry, Boys and Girls...But We Don't Have an Image!" 1989 demo (track 1-5) and Xyster's "Black Bible" 1988 demo (track 6-10).

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