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X Japan - X Japan Clips II
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X Japan Clips II

X Japan

Release date:
October 24th, 2001
Catalog ID:
East West Japan
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1. Amethyst (1995)  
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2. Rusty Nail (1995)  
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3. Scars (1996)  
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4. Week End (1996)  
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5. Forever Love  
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6. Crucify My Love  
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7. Dahlia  
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8. White Poem I  
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9. Drain  
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10. Kurenai (1996)  
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11. Tears (1993)  
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12. Forever Love (1997)  
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Yoshiki Drums, Piano
Toshi Vocals
Pata Guitars
Heath Bass
Hide (R.I.P. 1998) Guitars
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X Japan Clips II consists of several music videos and concert excerpts from the band\'s later years. The live portions were recorded at the Tokyo Dome, all on December 31 of various years (see track listing).
It was released simultaneously both in DVD and VHS on October 24, 2001.

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