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X Japan > 刺激² ~夢の中にだけ生きて~ (Visual Shock Vol. 3)
X Japan - 刺激² ~夢の中にだけ生きて~ (Visual Shock Vol. 3)
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刺激² ~夢の中にだけ生きて~ (Visual Shock Vol. 3)

X Japan

Release date:
September 30th, 1991
Catalog ID:
Ki/oon Records
None yet
1. Endless Rain  
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2. Prologue ~ World Anthem  
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3. Miscast  
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4. Joker  
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5. Love Replica  
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6. Desperate Angel  
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7. White Wind from Mr.Martin ~Pata's nap~  
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8. Voiceless Screaming  
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9. Silent Jealousy  
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10. Say Anything  
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Contains live footages from their 1990 Tour "Violence in Jealousy", and the video clip of "Love Replica".

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