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So What!


Release date:
February 14th, 1994
Catalog ID:
EDEL 8603-2 RAD
2 reviews (avg. 62%)
1. Can't Tame the Wild 05:17   Show lyrics
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2. Dealing with the Devil 03:36   Show lyrics
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3. Scarred to the Bone 04:29   Show lyrics
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4. Wild Frontier 05:03   Show lyrics
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5. Skybolter 03:15   Show lyrics
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6. Beastmaster 04:59   Show lyrics
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7. Kid Racer 03:47   Show lyrics
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8. Into the Light 01:31   instrumental
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9. Freeway Devils 06:12   Show lyrics
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10. Mystica Deamonica 05:04   Show lyrics
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11. Thousand Guns 04:26   Show lyrics
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12. Different (So What?) 03:43   Show lyrics
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Band members
Frank Knight Vocals
Axel Morgan Guitars
Jens Becker Bass
Stefan Schwarzmann Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Jan Němec Engineering, Mixing, Producer
Axel Morgan Producer
Jan Němec Engineering, Mixing, Producer
Axel Morgan Producer
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Read Yeah ... So What!?? 50% Xeogred July 10th, 2007

Skybolter is actually a remake of the Running Wild song "Skulldozer"(also written by Schwarzmann) from the unrealsed single "Sinister Eyes"

Recording information:

Produced by Jan Nemec and Axel Morgan.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Jan Nemec at Studio M, november -- december 1993.


Barcode: 4009880860328

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