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Wrathage - Black Fucking Zodiac
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Black Fucking Zodiac


Release date:
February 13th, 2006
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Freezing fire   Show lyrics
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2. Hellworlds   Show lyrics
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3. Glory black   Show lyrics
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4. The nation's demons   Show lyrics
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5. Sadicum   Show lyrics
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6. Before the monumental beast   Show lyrics
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D. V. Grim Vocals, Guitars
Scythe Vocals, Bass
Janne Kusmin Drums
Chaos Guitars
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This DVD also includes the Annihilating DVD in full.

At 19th of August 2005, Kuusisaari, Oulu, Finland - Wrathage opened up the Jalometalli Metal festival with this gig.

The audience wasn’t that many in numbers for starters but the aggressive and impressive performance won them over.

This DVD is mainly meant for promotional purposes so only a limited number will be sold.

All music: Wrathage

All lyrics: Koba except Freezing fire by Koba and D.V Grim

Cameras: Osmo Jelekäinen and Janne Juntunen

Audio recording: Pia Hynynen

Video editing and audio post-mix: D.V Grim

DVD and booklet desing: Scythe

Live photographs: Piiku and Janne Kauppi

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